Smart Click update – free metronome app from Steinberg gets iOS11 support

Download from iTunes App StoreSmart Click logo 1A ‘utility app’ group that is well stocked on the App Store is that of the metronome app. The humble metronome is an under-appreciated tool and, if you are serious about your musical instrument skills, some time spent practicing against a metronome can do wonders for the tightness of your playing, whether that’s drums, guitar or any other instrument.

As with tuners, there are some decent free metronome apps and also some very good low cost options…  but if you are looking for an option on this front, Steinberg’s (yep, the developers behind Cubasis, LoopMash, Nanologue and, of course Cubase) have a perfectly functional free metronome app in Smart Click. I reviewed Smart Click some 18 months ago here on the blog….  and it works for iPhone or iPad, is a 13MB download and requires iOS9.0 or later….

Smart Click - a stylish and flexible metronome app from Steinberg - and it's free :-)

Smart Click – a stylish and flexible metronome app from Steinberg – and it’s free :-)

As can be seen from the screenshots, the styling is very Steinberg and much of what goes on is housed on just a couple of screens with the main screen containing the metronome itself. You get both an audible (four different sounds to pick between on an individual step basis including silence so it is easy to accent whatever beats you prefer) and visual (the steps light up as the metronome counts through the circular display). You can also toggle a global mute on/off if you just want to work with the visual cue.

Smart Click offers a good range of time signature options.

Smart Click offers a good range of time signature options.

Anyway, if you want a basic metronome – and don’t want to spend out, Smart Click is a perfectly respectable choice….  and, as it has been updated today with ‘iOS11 support’, it should also be quite happy if you have already taken the plunge with Apple’s latest iOS incarnation.

It certainly worked well enough for me this morning on my iOS11 equipped iPad Pro….  and while that’s good news in itself, it isn’t really why I took the time to give it a mention here in a post. No, that was simply because seeing the update provided me with some reassurance (not that I really needed it) that Steinberg or working away on any iOS11 quirks in their various music apps and will hopefully soon have ‘iOS11 compatibility’ stamps on all of them. Both Cubasis and Cubase iC Pro – both apps I use pretty much every day – have so far been working fine. However, I’d be surprised if there were not further minor updates from Steinberg in the pipeline….  Watch this space :-)

I’ve not tested the timing accuracy of Smart Click against other metronomes that I’ve used but it does seem pretty solid and, unless you are particularly fussy about such things (and some folks are), then I really can’t see anyone having much to complain about. Smart Click gets the job done in a stylish and flexible fashion…  and as a free download there really isn’t much to complain about. If you need to keep time, then Smart Click is well worth a download :-)

Smart Click

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