Shapesynth update – interesting poly synth from Erik Sigth gets some tweaks

Download from iTunes App Storeshapesynth logo 1If you have been addicted to the music app category of the App Store for any length of time then you may well have your fair share of iOS synths. I’ve a folder full of them on my own iPad and, while a good number get regular use, there are still plenty I’ve fully to capitalise upon…

And, it would seem, still some interesting possibilities I’ve yet to discover. One such app that I only caught up with a few months ago is Shapesynth by Erik Sigth.  While the app has been around on the App Store for a number of years, I have to admit that it didn’t really grab my attention until the v.4 update appeared back in April. This was a pretty significant update for the app though with all sorts of new features added and a pretty significant overhaul of the interface.

Shapesynth - a cool little iOS synth that is within almost anyone's grasp.

Shapesynth – a cool little iOS synth that is within almost anyone’s grasp.

Anyway, a further update to the app – taking it to version 4.1.4 – appeared on the App Store yesterday. This is very much a ‘maintenance-only’ update but welcome none-the-less. And, at just UK£1.49/US$1.99, requiring iOS7.0 or later, a 9MB download, universal format and, with Audiobus, IAA, Core MIDI and Ableton Link support, Shapesynth is likely to be within almost anyone’s grasp as a causal purchase. Perhaps all that’s missing in terms of up-to-date iOS music tech spec is AU…. although the app has a graphical interface that I imagine would translate to an AU ‘sub-window’ rather well… fingers crossed on that front.


The bottom line here is that, regardless of the pocket-money pricing, Shapesynth is actually something just a bit different amongst the iOS synth crowd. Its left-of-centre control set and sound options might not suit everyone but if you want something that is just a bit different – and that might cough up some rather interesting bleeps and bloops for your next experimental electronic music track – then Shapesynth is well worth a look.

It is also yet another App Store example that defies the ‘you get what you pay for’ cliché. As cheap as chips (fries) and twice as good for you, Shapesynth is a little bit strange but rather beautiful exactly because of that. Check out the full Shapesynth review and then hit the download button to find out more :-)


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