Server beaten into submission (I think) – normal service resumed :-)

As those of you who subscribe to the weekly email newsletter or perhaps follow the site on Twitter, I’ve been in the process of switching the website over to a new server. Running a website is, on the whole, 98% child’s play and 2% techie mindmeld…..   and for the last few days at least, the mindmeld has most certainly been winning.

However, thankfully, I think I’ve finally got the worst of the gremlins out of the system and the site is (currently at least) back online. I’ve still some background checks to run but, so far, all the content seems to have survived the move intact. However, if you do get presented with any ‘404 page not found’ type errors, feel free to get in touch and let me know….

Techie problem? This’ll fix the little b*****r!

Having had a week away, and then a few days dealing with the technical site of the site (oh, and a couple of non-blog work deadlines to hit), I think I better have a short lie-down….  and then get on with some catch-up. As well as the usual round of updates, there are also some very cool new apps sitting in my ‘review me’ queue. Hopefully, those final techie checks aside, I’ll get started with this asap :-)

Until then, wish the webmaster in me (that’s the version of me that is sitting in the corner of the room, looking blank, staring into space and with dribble on my chin) the best of luck…..

Yay! – I’ve just done a server update :-)

Oh, and because of the few days of downtime, I’ve extended the rather excellent BeatHawk giveaway deadline. Get you name in the hat :-)

Very best wishes,


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    1. Congrats with the succesful server move and with not losing your sanity in the process. Glad to see the site being back up and running again. Cheers!

    2. Welcome back, John! I think you need some more holidays after this stress ;-)

    3. It’s been quite long. Glad to see you back and this site running again.

      • Yes… sorry about that. A combination of knowing enough server management to be dangerous and not enough to they rescue things when it goes pear-shaped :-) Best wishes, John

    4. Congrats on defeating the nasty cyber gremlins, John. Hopefully everything is rock solid and concerned citizens across the globe can now rest easy knowing that their favorite site is back up and functioning as usual.

      • Thanks Toz….. I’m half expecting a few bumps in the road but, fingers crossed, nothing too difficult to negotiate :-) Very Best wishes, John

    5. Huzzah!

    6. Welcome back! :)

    7. Jeff Howard says:

      Bravo on your de-gremlinizing and welcome back… the symtoms of musicappblogism withdrawal have begun to recede.

      • Thank you…. I think the symptoms of server migration might take longer to recover from :-) Very best wishes, John

    8. I discovered this site about a month ago and have been visiting just about every day. Glad it’s back and look forward to more stellar content. Thanks!

    9. Great to see you back online :)
      Suffered from withdraw symptoms while your website was down.
      Kind regards, as always,

      • Thanks Leslie….. Hope the hiatus is now over (until the next time at least!) :-) Very best wishes, John

    10. Stephan says:

      Good to see you back online. Til now I thought it’s not something I miss. I was wrong. Keep on with your good work and all the best wishes…

      • …. there’s a song in that thought :-) Thanks for the kind words – always appreciated…. very best wishes, John

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