Scythe update – iOS synth from Plastaq Software gets further tweaks

Download from iTunes App StoreScythe logoI reviewed Scythe from Plastaq Software here on the blog back in March 2015. Scythe is an iPad only app and that now requires iOS9.3 or later. At 3MB, it’s a download that ought to fit even on a well-stocked device. The app includes Audiobus support, IAA support (as an audio generator) and seems happy enough to receive MIDI from other sources such as a sequencer app or an external MIDI keyboard.

Scythe is not the deepest iOS synth app you can find on the App Store, however, it is very capable and would make a pretty good ‘first synth to program’ starting point if you were new to synth programming. In terms of the sounds available once you dig in, then this combination of synth engine and effects is very capable indeed. Whether you want basic synth sounds or something a bit more out there, you can create a wide range of sounds with what, at first glance, appears quite a simple set of controls.

Scythe - budget iOS synth that's easy to program.

Scythe – budget iOS synth that’s easy to program.

Scythe was updated for iOS support back in September. However, a further minor update appeared on the App Store yesterday – v2.5 – and, while this doesn’t bring any significant new features, it is nice to see developer Miles Egan fine-tuning the performance of the app to ensure smooth operation. This update fixes the occasional glitch that users experienced with the audio engine….. it’s always welcome to see apps refreshed as this kind of activity reassures existing or new users alike.

More experienced iOS synth heads will have bigger and better already in their collection but, with a current price of UK£3.99/US$3.99, Scythe is priced in the causal purchase range and, if you want a quick fix – and are prepared to roll your own sounds – it offers good value for money.


Download from iTunes App Store

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