Scythe update and giveaway – 4 copies of iOS synth from Plastaq Software up for grabs

Download from iTunes App StoreScythe logoI reviewed Scythe from Plastaq Software here on the blog a week or so ago. Scythe is an iPad only app and requires iOS8.0 or later. At 3MB, it’s a download that ought to fit even on a well-stocked device. The app includes Audiobus support, IAA support (as an audio generator) and seems happy enough to receive MIDI from other sources such as a sequencer app or an external MIDI keyboard.

Scythe is not the deepest iOS synth app you can find on the App Store, however, it is very capable and would make a pretty good ‘first synth to program’ starting point if you were new to synth programming. In terms of the sounds available once you dig in, then this combination of synth engine and effects is very capable indeed. Whether you want basic synth sounds or something a bit more out there, you can create a wide range of sounds with what, at first glance, appears quite a simple set of controls.

Scythe - budget iOS synth that's easy to program.

Scythe – budget iOS synth that’s easy to program.

An update appeared on the App Store – v2.1 – that addresses a few bugfixes (although it actually behaved pretty well for me on my iPad Air 1 test system and, to acknowledge the update, developer Miles Egan has been kind enough to provide me with four copies of Scythe to give away to readers here at the Music App Blog.

As usual with the giveaways I run on the blog, the deal is simple; get your name in the hat and see if it gets pulled out.

You can enter the draw in one of two ways.

  • First, if you just want to enter this draw, then use the Contact Us page to leave your details before 10 pm (GMT) on Thursday 12th March, 2015. Make sure to enter ‘Scythe’ in the message subject line.
  • Alternatively, if you want to get included in this – and every future promo code giveaway run on the site – then sign up for the Music App Blog email list before the deadline. All members of the list will automatically be entered if every draw. You can sign up here and, as a bonus for signing up, you also get a copy of the Music App Blog’s ’25 iOS music apps to get you started’ guide.

As soon as I can organise after entries close, I’ll draw a suitable number of names at random from all those entered. I’ll then notify the lucky winners by email and include the necessary promo code. I’ll also post a list of the winners here. If you are one of the lucky ones, do make sure to use the code ASAP – iTunes Redeem Codes generally have a relatively short life span once they have been issued.

More experienced iOS synth heads will have bigger and better already in their collection but Scythe is priced in the causal purchase range and, if you want a quick fix – and are prepared to roll your own sounds – it offers good value for money. However, if you want to be in with a chance of winning a free copy, get in touch or join the email list before the deadline.

Good luck :-)



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    1. Scythe now works quite well on the iPad Air 2 (repeated here in case anyone read my original comment last week but didn’t read my update). I like this synth’s approach which allows for rapid construction of dynamic patches.

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