ScalePlay update – RoGame add Ableton Link to their educational/generative iOS music app

Download from iTunes App StoreScalePlay logo 1I reviewed ScalePlay back in August 2016 and was happy to give a warm ‘thumbs up’ to RoGame and Arthur Roolfs for creating an interesting iOS music app that offers three distinct functions. First, it could be seen as a tool for musical education where, if you happen to play guitar, bass, violin, banjo, cello, double bass, mandolin, piano or viola, ScalePlay can help you develop some personalised scale-based exercises that would, with practice, undoubtedly improve your command of your instrument.

Second, the app most certainly has a generative music element. Your control over that process comes in a somewhat different form to that found in Quincy in that you set scale, scale interval, scale-aware transpositions and chords details that define just how ScalePlay then creates music, but this is undoubtedly a way to get software to surprise you with some new ideas.

ScalePlay – part music tuition/practice tool, part generative music app and part musical instrument.

Third, it is also a musical instrument. ScalePlay is supplied with a set of 128 GM-style musical sounds, Audiobus and IAA support and MIDI out (so you can record the MIDI to a DAW/sequencer or send it to your favourite iOS synth). It also features what RoGame refer to as a TouchPlay feature (essentially a set of chord pads that you can use to trigger ScalePlay in a live performance context) so music creation for live or studio use is most certainly an option.

Anyway, the app got a further update today with v.1.2.5 arriving on the App Store. The key addition is support for Ableton Link so you can sync with other Link enabled apps when using ScalePlay. Equally, the rhythmic settings within the app can now be adjusted in beat divisions.

This update seem Ableton Link support added to ScalePlay.

In terms of other practical details, the app remains iPad-only, requires iOS9.3 or later, is a 35MB download and is currently priced at UK£6.99/US$6.99. Given the pretty modest price, you wouldn’t be pushing the boat out too far if you did decide to take a bit of an experimental punt. Like RoGame’s Quincy, ScalePlay is an interesting app and, if scales and generative music are your thing, most certainly worth exploring. Check out the full ScalePlay review here, watch the demo video below and then hit the download button to find out more via the App Store :-)


Download from iTunes App Store

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