Samplebot updated – new sample-based music app from Michael Tyson gets some tweaks

Download from iTunes App StoreMichael Tyson will be well known to iOS music makers. He is part of iOS history with his involvement in Audiobus and, with Loopy HD under his own A Tasty Pixel development label, he has produced one of the most iconic demonstrations of just what iOS can do in terms of creative music making.

A couple of weeks ago, we saw the launch of Michael’s latest iOS music app offering; Samplebot. As the title suggests, this is a sample-based music creation app but, as you might expect given Michael’s heritage, there is most certainly a looping element within it. Essentially, the app offers you multiple pads onto which you can easily record or import audio, options for trimming/editing the samples, and then, on a second ‘sequencer’ screen, the ability to control their playback along a timeline.

Samplebot – colourful and creative music composition from Michael Tyson.

This is all presented via some almost cartoon-like graphics and it’s perhaps a little less intimidating to get started with than Loopy HD. However, don’t be fooled by the cute graphics; under the hood there is a very useful and creative music tool on offer here. Beatboxer/looper types will love it but you can feed it with audio from any source and there are just enough features (including the ability to tempo-shift a project and have the audio time-stretched to match) to allow you to get creative without things being so complex that you get get distracted.

The sequencer allows you to construct timeline-based arrangements from your various sample pad contents.

Anyway, the first update has arrived on the App Store in the form of v.1.0.1. As might be expected at this stage in the app’s life-span, this is mainly about some minor bits of technical housework so there are a few fixes applied. For example, an issue on startup when MIDI hardware is already connected has been resolved, while the handling of available audio inputs has also been refined. It is, of course, good to see Michael quickly getting to grips with any initial wrinkles…..

The app requires iOS10 or later and is universal. It includes Audiobus and IAA support (although not AU as yet) from the off and seemed happy in both those environments so you can use the app in a wider music creation workflow should you wish. I suspect the more long-standing iOS music makers might have other apps that offer them a similar style of music creation….  but Samplebot is so easy to get into that it is an attractive proposition for almost anyone.

And, as it is on special launch pricing – just UK£2.99/US$2.99 – for a limited time, this is very much in the casual purchase category. Check out Michael’s brief demos of the app in action then hit the App Store download button to find out more.


Download from iTunes App Store

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