Saffron Saturator update – the ‘flora’ project iOS music apps start to go AU

Download from iTunes App StoreSaffron Saturator logoBack in 2015, developers Timothy Barraclough and Paul Mathews released a series of iOS audio effects apps with a naming convention based on a floral theme. No, I’ve no idea what the whole floral theme is about either but the apps – Cactus Chorus, Phlox PhaserButtercup BitcrushDahlia Delay and Saffron Saturator – all followed a similar format; all supported Audiobus and IAA, all offered very simple user interfaces and all were available at a budget price (even for the App Store). I’ve reviewed all of these on the blog previously; just follow the links above to find those reviews.

It has to be said, that the occasional maintenance update aside (and, if it’s not broken, then I guess you don’t need to fix it), things have been pretty quite from this development team over recent months. However, that’s changed this morning as an update to Saffron Saturator – the compact drive/distortion effect within the series – has been updated to v.2.0.

Saffron Saturator in action…. as an Audio Unit plugin within Cubasis.

Now, one look at any of these apps and the thought that would perhaps spiring to mind about just how easily the interfaces would translate to the Audio Units (AU) plugin format under iOS. And, I guess that’s what Tim and Paul thought also as, with this update, Saffron Saturator now adds AU support to its Audiobus and IAA options.

The App Store blub states that this is the first of the flora project to get this treatment…  which implies that the rest are to follow. If so, I suspect that might generate a flurry of sales as these are all ideal AU candidates and, with the plugin format finally beginning to take a real hold, I’m sure lots of iOS musicians will be keen to add them to their app collections. Oh, and the fact that they are all available at such an accessible price will not do any harm either :-)

The AU format means you can now run multiple instances of the app at the same time….

Having given the update a quick spin in both Cubasis and AUM this morning it seems to be working very well. And, yes, multiple instances of the app within a single project were possible. Equally, the preset system seemed to be worked well within AUM although it is of the ‘create your own’ variety; none are actually supplied with the app.

Anyway, at UK£1.99/US$1.99, like Cactus Chorus, Phlox Phaser, Buttercup Bitcrush or Dahlia Delay, Saffron Saturator is not going to stretch your budget too far so don’t overthink it :-). If you fancy the occasional bit of fuzzy overdrive or crunchy distortion, Saffron Saturator is a little gem. It is also low cost and low fuss. As with all the ‘flora’ iOS audio effects apps, Saffron Saturator comes highly recommended….  but AU support is a huge plus. Fingers crossed the other apps in the series follow shortly.

Saffron Saturator

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    1. Felix Aloysius says:

      Fabulous! This is exactly what the apps needed (or an IAA menu, but this works better) Now howbout some preset saving ability!

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