Ruismaker update – refinements for compact iOS AUi drum machine plugin

Download from iTunes App Storeruismaker logo 1We are beginning to see some positive signs on the AU plugin format. Progress has been slow but it is starting to take hold under iOS and I’m more than happy to lend a helping hand with what I think is important technology by promoting some of the excellent developers/apps that have already taken the plunge with AU.

And, as I mentioned a couple of months ago, Ruismaker from developer Bram Bos was the first iOS drum machine app to appear in that format (closely followed by the equally good Ruismaker FM and the very good Phasemaker synth). Ruismaker launched as an AU-only plugin and does, therefore, require a suitable variant of iOS (v.9.0 or later is listed), suitable iOS hardware plus a suitable AU host. The app is, however, universal and, at just 10MB, it should be possible to squeeze it in almost anywhere. The current price of just UK£3.99/US$4.99 also means it is pretty much within the reach of everyone.

Ruismaker running within MultitrackStudio for iPad....

Ruismaker running within MultitrackStudio for iPad….

Anyway, check out the full review of Ruismaker for all the details but the app has had a further update yesterday taking it to v.1.1.3. This is very much a technical update and brings some minor fixes aimed at improving performance and compatibility within some of the newer AU hosts (maybe n-Track Studio?). And while I might well be reading way too much into the simple App Store description for the update, it does suggest to me that everyone concerned with developing for AU under iOS is still in a bit of a ‘learning’ mode…  This is a software technology that is perhaps not yet as mature under iOS as it is on the desktop (or as mature as VST is as a desktop format)….  so there is obviously still fine tuning for developers to undertake…..  Anyway, we should expect this is take a while…  but also welcome it when developers are prepared to do the work required as Bram has here.

Ruismaker - Bram Bos' AUi drum machine app is developing nicely.

Ruismaker – Bram Bos’ AUi drum machine app is developing nicely and seen here running within Cubasis.

OK, Ruismaker’s fairly compact feature set perhaps won’t challenge for of the established ‘big hitters’ within this category of the App Store but then I’m not sure that’s actually the design intention. Small, compact and easy to use, Ruismaker is both inexpensive and a perfectly credible choice if you are after some solid drum synth sounds and the Ruismaker FM variant is just as good.


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