RP-1 update – Kai Aras brings some fixes to his iOS delay app

Download from iTunes App StoreRP-1 logo 1I did a couple of audio effects/processor app rounds articles a while ago here on the Music App Blog. It is a category that we have some excellent offerings within whether you are looking for more conventional processing options or more creative ‘out there’ effects. However, given the budget pricing of many iOS music apps, and given the fact that, until the AU format becomes more widely adopted, you are limited to a single instance of each music app running at any one time, there is certainly no harm in have multiple options for more commonly used effects/processing such as EQ, compression, reverb or delay.

In the last of these categories, one more recent addition has been RP-1 from Numerical Audio and developer Kai Aras. RP-1 is a universal app, requires iOS9.0 or later, is a 19MB download and is priced at just UK£4.49/US$5.99. As well as launching with Audiobus and IAA support, the app also included both Ableton Link (tempo sync your delays via Link) and Audio Units (AU) support. The latter means that you can, of course, run multiple instances of the app within a suitable AU host such as MultitrackStudioCubasis, Modstep or AUM.

RP-1 in use via AU within Cubasis 2... and adding some nice delay to some synth vocals from Jussi :-)

RP-1 in use via AU within Cubasis 2… and adding some nice delay to some synth vocals from Jussi :-)

RP-1 is, in fact, two stereo delays in one. The main (the documentation refers to this as a ‘long’ delay) Delay section does exactly what you would expect; it allows you to add a range of different ‘echo’ treatments to your audio.

A further update appeared to RP-1 yesterday taking the app to v.1.2.2. This brings a number of fixes including a few aimed at those using the app via AU. For example, an issue with tempo sync via AU has been resolved and the UI has been refined for better readability. There have also been a few tweaks to improve performance when used via AUM as well as UI improvements for this using 4 inch phone sizes.

Having given the update a bit of a spin within Cubasis 2 this afternoon, all seems to be working well at this end…. and there is little not to like about RP-1. The effects options provided can go from conventional delays though to some rather nice trippy repeats and, while there are more obviously ‘creative’ effects apps out there (think apeDelay, Flux, DFX, VanDelay or Turnado, for example) that offer delay, thought of as a ‘conventional delay plus’, RP-1 is very good indeed.

And, at just UK£4.49/US$5.99, it really is set at a pocket money price. No matter how long I spend with my iOS music app collection, I’m still regularly surprised at just what fabulous value for money we get. RP-1 is yet another example of that; no fuss to use, sounds great and very affordable. Read the full review here but RP-1 comes highly recommended.



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    1. Hi John. Unless something changed with iOS 10 and I missed it, GarageBand is AU host for instruments only, not AU effects apps.

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