RP-1 goes desktop – popular iOS delay app spreads its wings

Download from iTunes App StoreI reviewed the excellent RP-1  and RF-1 apps from Numercial Audio developer Kai Aras here on the Music App Blog when when both first launched. They provides compact, but well-featured delay and reverb effects respectively and both are capable of conventional and more creative treatments.

For the iOS musician, both RF-1 and RP-1 are universal apps, requires iOS9.0 or later, are approximately 30MB downloads and are individually priced at just UK£5.99/US$5.99. However, on a technical front, perhaps the best bit is that both apps include Ableton Link and Audio Units (AU). The latter means that you can, of course, run multiple instances of the app within a suitable AU host such as MultitrackStudioCubasis, Modstep or AUM.

Anyway, developer Kai has kept the pace of development going and both apps received regular updates on the App Store. However, something different has come along this week and, while not strictly iOS related, as it involved one of our favourite iOS developers, I’m more than happy to give it a mention; RP-1 is now available as a desktop plugin.

Yay! RP-1 makes is debut on the desktop…. seen here running as a plugin within Cubase.

While we see lots of desktop products get ported over to iOS, the reverse is less common. Therefore, seeing someone who has started out in the iOS world take a step into the (much more competitive) desktop world is both impressive and worth encouraging. The desktop version is available for both Windows and OSX and can be purchased directly from the Numerical Audio website. The full price is €32 (probably around UK£30/US$30 given current exchange rates?) but, if you get in quick, there is a special launch pricing of just €5 until August 10th. That’s App Store pricing for a desktop plugin….

The desktop version includes a good selection of presets…. but operation is very similar to the excellent iOS app.

I’ve been lucky enough to give the desktop version a quick spin on my OSX system using Cubase 9 as my VST plugin host and Rp-1 worked flawlessly. The feature set and UI look similar to the iOS version. That’s a good thing because the iOS version is excellent. This is a cool – and very useful – delay effect and one I’m going to get as much use out of as I do the iOS version (that is, a lot).

There is little not to like about either RP-1 or RF-1 under iOS and, with RP-1 now on the desktop (and just as good), Numerical Audio are clearly keen to expand their product line. If you have not yet given the iOS versions a go, then at just UK£5.99/US$5.99, either app can be seen as a pocket money purchase. No fuss to use, they sound great and are very affordable. Read the full RF-1 and RP-1 reviews here….   but, otherwise, check out Kai’s audio demos or Doug’s (TheSoundTestRoom) RP-1 iOS demo video below. Both apps come highly recommended so hit the App Store download buttons to find out more…  and visit Numerical Audio’s own website to get hold of the desktop version of RP-1.


Download from iTunes App Store

RP-1 delay

Download from iTunes App Store


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    1. Hi John, i just tried the Demo in Win 10/ Ableton Live, (latest) and it completely crashed my system……great app on ios, but not quite ready yet on Windows 10 platform. I have e-mailed them…….hopefully teething problems will be ironed out soon……looking forward very much to trying it out……cheers for now……..mark……..

      • Hi Mark…. thanks for that. I’ve only had a quick play under OSX (full version rather than the demo but the code is the same) so can’t speak from experience re the Windows version. However, I’m sure Kai will be keen to resolve any outstanding issues…. Let us know how you get on….. best wishes, John

    2. Hi John, Kai is looking into it …….hopefully it’s an easy fix (is there such a thing? )…..will keep you informed………cheers, mark……

    3. H, brilliant support from Kai the Dev for Numerical Audio, but unfortunately still not working for me on my win10 64bit system in Ableton (latest ). This may be just peculiar to my set up, as Kai has done extensive tests, and from his end it appears to work fine……..i have only tried the Demo, so for all i know the paid version is working great………..maybe other people could give it a spin, and report back………ios version is great, so will stick with that for now…….cheers…mark….

    4. It now has a new windows installer, (1.0.2) and works fine on my system……….

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