Rock Drum Machine update – Luis Martinez’s ‘rock’ drum app goes to v.5

Download from iTunes App Storerock-drum-machine-4-logo-1If you want instant acoustic drums suitable for your ‘rock’ (use that in a fairly broad sense of the word to cover various musical styles) then Rock Drum Machine by developer Luis Martinez is a very good option.

The app provides a compact, streamlined, but very useable universal (iPad and iPhone) drum machine format but with sounds and styles aimed very much and the rock genre rather then electronic styles. Since my original review, Luis has continued to update the app and add all sorts of useful extra features including Song Mode and extra fill/crash cymbal options. And, as I mentioned back in October, v.4 added the Live Pads and Ableton Link support that Luis has gradually been adding to all his genre-based drum apps. Anyway, as a means of generating some great acoustic drum parts in an instant, Rock Drum Machine is hard to beat (doh!)

Rock Drum Machine moves to v.5… and not the Sound Module button located top-right.

A further update to Rock Drum Machine arrived on the App Store yesterday. This takes the app to v.5.0 and brings some tweaks to the UI. However, the most significant changes are in terms of MIDI. The app now offers MIDI out (so, for example, you can capture your MIDI drum data in a DAW/sequencer) and also MIDI in. The latter means that you can now trigger the excellent Live Pads from MIDI note data….  and you can also use the app as a ‘drum module’ (and the range of drum sounds it offers are pretty good) from any MIDI source. I assume this could include an e-drum kit if you have suitable MIDI connectivity to your iPad although I’ve not yet had a chance to give this a go myself with my own kit….  although I did get the app to accept MIDI data in from AUM’s MIDI keyboard. Anyway, a very worthwhile update and, of course, free to existing users.

The app now includes some useful MIDI options….

While Rock Drum Machine is in the same general category as apps such as DrumPerfect Pro is is perhaps closer in concept to something like Drum Session, where the focus is on using preset kits, an impressive collection of built-in patterns (although you can easily create your own) and a very easy-to-use song construction system. In this regard, Rock Drum machine does make it very easy to get a complete drum track together in double-quick time.

If you need an easy-to-use ‘drum buddy’ app to help realise your guitar-based song ideas, Rock Drum Machine is about as easy as it gets and most certainly worth the entrance fee. With a universal format and a pretty modest 180MB footprint, you can read the original Rock Drum Machine review here…  but the app comes highly recommended as an easy-to-use means of generating acoustic drum parts even if the UK£17.99/US$17.99 price tag might put it outside the casual purchase category. And if you like this one, then check out Funk Drummer, Brazilian Drum Machine, Soft Drummer and Afro Latin Drum Machine while you are at it; they are all very good indeed :-)

Rock Drum Machine

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    1. Great update with the long awaited (by me at least) midi. After a couple of starts and stops, I got KRFT midi out to drive RDM, and that was pretty cool.

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