Rock Drum Machine update – Luis Martinez’s ‘rock’ drum app gets Ableton Link and other new features

Download from iTunes App Storerock-drum-machine-4-logo-1If you like your drum and rhythm parts to be electronic then there are plenty of iOS music apps that can turn a good trick. However, when it comes to acoustic drums for rock and related styles, there are perhaps somewhat fewer choices.

One such app that I took a look at a while ago is Rock Drum Machine by developer Luis Martinez. It provides a compact, streamlined, but very useable universal (iPad and iPhone) drum machine format but with sounds and styles aimed very much and the rock genre rather then electronic styles. Since my original review, Luis has continued to update the app and add all sorts of useful extra features including Song Mode and extra fill/crash cymbal options. As a means of generating some great acoustic drum parts in an instant, Rock Drum Machine is hard to beat (doh!)

Rock Drum Machine v.4 comes with a new logo and a new visual look.

Rock Drum Machine v.4 comes with a new logo and a new visual look.

Luis released v.3 of the app in December last year but, since that time, his has released new apps in the series (Funk Drummer and Soft Drummer) and bought some significant updates to others.While Rock Drum Machine doesn’t have the depth or subtly of something like Drum Perfect Pro, it is easy to use, the sounds have a nice attitude for all flavours of ‘rawk’, and it is very much worth its UK£10.99/US$14.99 asking price. Even used just a a jam-along device, it is good fun but, for someone creating a basic rock drum part for putting together a song idea demo, it is also a pretty useful tool and the new Song Mode makes that super-easy to do.

Yay! Ableton Link has now been added.

Yay! Ableton Link has now been added.

Anyway, Rock Drum Machine v.4 arrived on the App Store over the weekend. In line with more recent releases and updates in the series, this brings a number of new features alongside some tweaks to the UI and a new logo. The highlight is undoubtedly the inclusion of Ableton Link. While many iOS musicians are keeping everything crossed that Apple AU format is going to gain more traction, Ableton Link – another new-ish iOS music making technology – has already proved a very popular introduction. For drum/percussion apps in particular, this has rapidly become a ‘must have’ feature so it’s great to see Luis upgrading all the apps in his drum series with support. Having given this a bit of a workout this morning via AUM, I’m happy to report that Rock Drum Machine v.4 seemed to be up tight and in sync with both Soft Drummer and Patterning (for example).

The Link support seems to work very well.....

The Link support seems to work very well…..

Luis has also added the Live Pads feature that has been introduced in other apps in the series and this really is very cool. It allows you to identify eight patterns and then trigger then ‘live’ from the pads (or MIDI) as well as adding fills or endings. Live Pad sets can also be saved and re-loaded while the New button allows you to clear the current selections. These pads are great for creating a complete performance on the fly. OH, and the Jam mode option has also had some improvements.

Rock Drum Machine now has the Live Pads features Luis' has already introduced to some of his other drum apps.

Rock Drum Machine now has the Live Pads features Luis’ has already introduced to some of his other drum apps.

If you need an easy-to-use ‘drum buddy’ app to help realise your guitar-based song ideas, Rock Drum Machine is about as easy as it gets and most certainly worth the entrance fee. With both Audiobus and IAA support included, a universal format and a pretty modest 80MB footprint, you can read the original Rock Drum Machine review here…  but the app comes highly recommended as an easy-to-use means of generating acoustic drum parts. And if you like this one, then check out Funk Drummer, Brazilian Drum Machine, Soft Drummer and Afro Latin Drum Machine while you are at it :-)

Rock Drum Machine

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