Roadtrip time…..

female musician on long roadOne of the wonderful things about using iOS technology to make music is the opportunity it provides to make music on the move. Of course, that might just mean moving from the sofa to the bedroom or perhaps whipping out your iPhone during your lunch break. However, it can also be when you are away from your normal base….   on a work trip, on holiday or just ‘on the road’….

And the latter is more the kind of trip I’m going to be on during the next week. The trip is part-holiday (catching up with friends), part-work (in one way, I’m sort of looking for a new place to make a home for my personal studio) and part a life-changing, bridge-burning, close your eyes and leap kind of a thing (my wife, our kids, and my wife’s parents are about to relocate from one country to another).

All of which is by way of saying that I’m going to be up to my ears in ‘other stuff’ over the next week and things might be a bit quieter than usual here on the blog. I’ll post when I can but I suspect that won’t be too often other wise I might get a slap (or, even worse, divorce papers).

That said, I am looking forward to the opportunity the trip will provide to do some mobile music making. My iPad and, hopefully, a mobile MIDI keyboard, will be in my flight bag and, as the friend we are staying with is a bit of a classic synth nut, I suspect I’ll be doing my best to show him just what you can do within a few apps if you can’t afford the money or the space to fill your studio with hardware synths from the 1970s.

Anyway, wish me luck….  and, hopefully, when I get back, I’ll let you know just how much music I managed to make while on the road with my mobile studio….

Best wishes,


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    1. Hi john.hope evrything will be good for you.i’ve discovered this website a few days ago.already one of my faves.your reviews are really well done,and,very inteesting.a pleasure to read….thanks for all this work and passion.cheers!!

    2. Chris Catalano says:

      Hey, John, hope you have a great journey!

      Thanks for your excellent, detailed, and relevant article/reviews. I like the way you have your fingers on the pulse of the significant iOS developments, keep things positive, but always provide useful suggestions for updates and possible improvements. There are a handful of such useful sites devoted to this platform, and yours is now at the top of my list…

      I have to say, I really appreciate the way you close out your response letters with “Best Wishes”…

      So hey, from all of us, “Best Wishes”, and look forward to your return…

      Chris Catalano

    3. Hi Chris…. Online for a short while today and checking out what’s happening in the wider world :-) Thanks for the kind words – it is always appreciated…. And…. Best wishes,

    4. Moving isn’t ever my favorite thing, especially from one country to another! Still once done it’s nice to have a bit of a “restart” if you will, making new friends, discovering new things, all leading to new creativity! And a new studio!? Sounds like a great adventure in the next chapter of your life!

      • Hi Martin…. thanks for the kind words and encouragement. Just back now and getting straight…. Normal service to be resumed soon :-) best wishes, John

    5. Haopy travels John :)

      Agreed with Chris above re this being the best place for iOS news now, great work!

    6. Best of wishes to you and your family on your travels and on your transition to something new. I have no problem echoing the praise of the posters above me – I started to get into the iOS stuff around the holidays last year, and this site has been my best and favorite resource in figuring out how to do it. I appreciate your work on it, as well as the helpful commentors/community for welcoming amateurs like me who want to play and record music for whatever reason, or no particular reason at all :) Cheers!

      • Thanks Jeff…. Back home now and catching up with all the iOS news etc….. so the blog will be returning to normal service today/tomorrow :-) best wishes, John

    7. Andrew Burchell says:

      Best wishes for you and family. Thanks for all your posts its always rewarding to visit your blog.

    8. All the best wishes, but please come back SOON..,!
      Started to suffer from lack of news and reviews from syndrome… ;)
      Seriously though, take care my friend and hope to have you back soon…
      Kind regards and best wishes,

      • Hi Leslie…. thanks for your kind wishes… We had a great trip but my ready to get back into the swing of things now. Nice to know the blog was missed :-) best wishes, John

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