Roadtrip time… part trois (and this time one-way)

female musician travelWell, my own personal D-day (that’s ‘departure day from the UK’ by the way) has finally arrived and, as I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts on the blog (here and here) in recent months, myself, my wife and our two kids (oh, and my wife’s parents) are relocating to somewhere a little warmer than the northern half of the UK. So, by the time you read this, we will already be in a car heading south and the contents of the house will be in a big truck (hopefully also heading south). We do, of course, have too much stuff…  and packing it has been quite a job hence a somewhat quieter-than-usual Music App Blog over the last few days.

Of course, I’ve still got my main iOS music tools with me – my iPad, my CME Xkey and a pair of earbuds – and that will keep me occupied in the quieter moments while we travel. In total, we will be on route for about a week, visiting friends and family as we make our way towards our new home. I might get the chance to put up the occasional iOS music post on the blog (internet access depending) but, from a news front at least, things might be a bit quieter on the site than usual for the next week or so.

Building an iPad recording studio?

However, the dust will not be gathering too quickly. I’ve been working up a series of articles titled ‘Building an iPad recording studio’ and these are scheduled to go live on the site starting tomorrow and spanning the next 10 days.

finger on a tablet computer screenNow, if you are an iOS music making old-hand, or have experience of using a desktop recording setup or even commercial studios, then I might be teaching granny to suck eggs here.

No apologies for that though; the series is definitely aimed at the newer, less experienced iOS musician and, if you have friend or music-making partners in crime that are looking to get an iOS music app habit started, then feel free to point them at the site and share the links as the articles start to appear. There is an ever-growing user-base of musicians for whom iOS is their first taste of computer-based music technology; this series is, of course, primarily aimed at them.

The topics will span the evolution of DIY recording technology, cover the key bits of additional hardware required in addition to the iPad, consider the range of apps required (including that all important multi-track recording app), try to work out how much this might all cost (with examples) and then, once iPad, hardware and software are all in place, give you some suggestions for what happens next (that is, starting recording your own material).

I hope some of the site’s readership will find it useful – and maybe some new readers might discover the series also. However, there are bound to be things I’ve glossed over (things I think are obvious and lots of others don’t), things I’ve missed out and also things I’ve got wrong. So, if you do take a read, and any of the above apply, then feel free to drop me a line. I’m hoping to update the content of the series on a reasonably regular basis so the material stays relevant as iOS music technology continues to evolve.

See you on the other side… (of the English channel/La Manche)

So, wish us luck and I’ll see you all – travel and removal arrangements all being well – in about a week :-)


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    1. Best of luck with the move john! I really enjoy your blog, and you have helped me kick start a mild ios synth habit … Safe travels!

    2. Graham Hanks says:

      As a fellow north uker I don’t blame you for seeking warmer climes :-) If I could I would move to northern italy for the glorious sunshine and lovely food!

      The recordingstudio series sound good, always nice to hear other peoples approach to setting up studio :-)

    3. Miguel Marcos says:

      I’m pretty close to my own definitive configuration of an iPad recording studio, only have a couple of loose ends to test out. I tested it out over vacation with an iPhone and it works just as well, with the downside of a very small screen but it’s doable. I own a Macbook Pro and work with Ableton. A lot of colleagues wonder why bother with an iPad configuration. Primarily because I get struck with inspiration and I want something as close as possible to just pressing a button. I don’t want to leave my Mac and Ableton on all day long, all the time.
      Look forward to your installments.

    4. Hope you’ll have a nice trip!
      I’m very interested by your experience of building an ipad studio.
      Thanks for this great blog!
      And welcome in southern France!

    5. I live in one of the most inhospitable, hot and windy places on the planet. I keep trying to move but every time I go outside I get attacked by buzzards.

    6. Patrick/Secret Base Design says:

      Congrats on the move, and I’m looking forward to the tutorial series! If you can include something on the basics of MIDI, I think that would be super useful — that seems to be a complete mystery to a lot of iOS newcomers….

    7. Patrick G. says:

      Have a good journey, John! Hoping that you will get jiggy with the french savoir vivre quickly.
      Thank you as always for your articles and looking forward to the series about the Ipad recording studio.
      Like everyone else I am sure that this will be a great help for many people including myself being still rather new to musicmaking on IOS.
      Take care and see (well, more like read) you soon!

    8. Bon voyage.
      Thank you very much for all of your suggestion & tutorial

    9. Hi All,

      online for a short while…. thanks so much for the kind wishes…. much appreciated :-) So far, so good…. a couple of days with family in the southern half of the UK…. and then on the boat overnight on Sunday… Forecast for SW France on Monday is 26/27 deg C… looking forward to that :-) best wishes, John

    10. Chris Catalano says:

      Sounds like another excellent adventure! Have a blast when the dust settles!

      • Hi Chris…. thanks for this…. just about arrived but we don’t get all our stuff delivered for another week so it still feels a bit like we are just ‘on holiday’ :-) Best wishes, John

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