Roadtrip time… part deux

guitar player on road v2Those of you have been regular visitors over the last few months will recall that, back in March, I was away on a bit of a roadtrip with my wife…. We had a week away from our current home (and, therefore, the blog was a bit quieter than usual) while we looked for what might become our new home. A few regulars left some ‘good luck’ comments and others on the email newletter list also sent similar messages (thank you all).

As I outlined at the time, while the trip was part-holiday and part-work, is was mostly about working on a life-changing opportunity; a new way of working (finally cutting any ties I had with anything that looked remotely like a day job…  or a reliable income come to that) and, for me, my wife, our two kids, and my wife’s parents, a new country. Anyway, as I think I mentioned to the newsletter subscribers when we got back, that trip went well…

…and so now my wife and I are off again…. ‘roadtrip part deux’ to paraphrase the deliberately pretentious style used in the title of the follow up to the Charlie Sheen vehicle Hot Shots!….  only in our case, it is perhaps slightly more legitimate usage as we are going to be moving from the UK to France. So, by the time to read this, travel arrangements permitting, I’ll be wandering the French countryside trying to find somewhere to live – and house my personal studio space – from late August onwards….

Anyway, if you are dropping by during the next few days and things seem a little quieter than usual then that will be why. That said, I have lined up a few posts to go live while I’m away so the tumbleweed won’t be blowing too hard before we get back.

I know I’m going to be pretty busy while we are away so there will not be too much time for musical slacking but, perhaps more in hope than expectation, I will be travelling with the core bits of my iOS music production system; iPad, CME Xkey and a pair of earbuds. One of the things I love about this mobile music making technology is that, without even breaking a sweat, I can take some seriously good musical tools with me wherever I go. Hopefully, whatever downtime I do get, I can at least pretend to be productive :-) If I get the chance, I might even try to upload a ‘studio view’ at some stage…

Wish us luck….  and be assured that normal service will be resumed on my return….

very best wishes,


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    1. Haha, the only blog that comes with an obligatory “out-of-office” message. Enjoy your time in France and good luck with the search!

      • Hi Jeff…. Thanks for that…. Arrived all to plan and the weather is beautiful…. Here’s hoping for a productive few days :-). Best wishes, John

    2. Good luck John.
      Hope you find what you are looking/wishing for.
      My daughter is spending a few days in Paris next week. She will also turn 21 whilst she is there, and celebrate when she gets home.
      She loves France, but has a particular fondness for Paris.
      Best of luck for all your family, have a wonderful time.

      • Hi Arthur…. Many thanks…. Paris is a beautiful city (and lots of cultural/music things going on so
        I’m told). We are further south…. inland from Bordeaux. Drove through miles and miles of vineyards yesterday…. Guess they make quite a bit of wine around here then :-) Anyway, thanks again and very best wishes, John

    3. good luck, john(!!!!)

    4. Patrick/Secret Base Design says:

      Wow — best of luck, and bravo for taking the plunge!

      • Hi Patrick… Thanks for this….. Maybe brave or maybe mad… Still not quite sure :-) very best wishes, John

    5. Darren Winter says:

      Have a fantastic time, look forward to hearing a few stories and maybe some new music experiences when you get back ;-)

      • Hi Darren…. One note already…. Always get my little CME Xkey out of my hand luggage as well as my iPad otherwise your bag gets searched :-) That’s the second time I have forgotten…. Thanks and best wishes, John

    6. Chris Catalano says:

      Thanks for everything, John…it is a great site, and here’s to many more posts! Have an excellent adventure!

      • Hi Chris…. Thanks so much for the kind words….. Always appreciated…. And plenty more posts on the way soon :-). Very best wishes, John

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