Roadtrip time… part quatre (the last few kms)

female musician travelIf you have been hanging around the Music App Blog for any length of time then you will have seen my occasional ‘road trip’ posts over the last nine months. To keep a fairly long story short (which makes a change for me), myself, my wife and our two kids have, over the last year of so, been in the process of relocating from the UK (lovely, but, where we were living on the east coast of Scotland, prone to long winters, cold temperatures and strong winds) to SW France (prone to long summers, warmer temperatures and mostly much lower wind speeds).

As I posted back in August, we made the leap between the UK and France at the end of the summer (that’s the UK summer; here in France, this year at least, summer lasted until the end of October). So, the bulk of our final ‘one way’ road trip took place in August and we have, over the last three months, started to get settled in to our new life here in France.

I say ‘started’ because, as any of you who have experienced a major relocation (especially with kids) will appreciate, you don’t just rock up and get on with it in a new place; it takes time for things to slot into place and for new routines and friendships to evolve. We are definitely still in that phase….

The last leg…

We also have one final leg of the ‘road trip’ to complete…. It’s a short one; just 5km from where we now are, but also quite a big final leg, as we are moving from our temporary rented accommodation (which has been very nice) into the house we viewed, and agreed to buy, back in June (and which is even better).

And my reason for sharing all this personal history with you? Well, simply that, by the time you read this, I’ll be up to my ears in boxes (again) as we pack up our belongings (well, those we had bothered to unpack), stick them in a big van, and move them the short distance to what will become our permanent home. For a few days at least, things may be a little on the quiet side here on the blog. I’ll hopefully drop in occasionally to say ‘hi’ and post a few news items, etc. providing I can get the internet (Orange have promised) up and running promptly in the new house…

Mobile and not-so-mobile studios

I am (we all are) looking forward to getting into our ‘own’ house. In the short-term things will, of course, be complete chaos (‘yes, let’s move 10 days prior to Christmas… why not?’) but there is another – maybe medium-term – reason why this move is a big thing for me; studio space.

I’ll be set up with my music system in a spare room for a few months (sound familiar to anyone?) but the new house will – finances permitting – eventually allow me to build a ‘proper’ dedicated studio space. Yes, it will be home to my iPad recording studio but also to my desktop-based system… I can’t wait… but I’ve no idea yet quite how quickly I’ll be able to get started on the work involved in turning what is currently an outbuilding into a workable project studio space. I’ll keep you posted…. :-)

Anyway, wish me (us) luck with the final short hop…. I’ll have my iPad and Xkey handy for when I need a bit of a musical break during our final move and, hopefully, as soon as we are installed and online, I’ll let you know how the last leg of the road trip went…

Best wishes,


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    1. Good luck with the move, and thanks for all the great posts throughout the year.

    2. Bon chance et merci pour tout les articles excellent de 2014 .

    3. Best of luck with the final push – the new studio sounds exciting and I look forward to reading future posts about how you get on with it.

    4. Good luck, John! Here’s to smooth transitions … Cheers!

    5. Holidays + moving = a lot of potential stress. So keep smiling and when things go wrong, like when you drop a box on your big toe, just try and laugh (when the pain subsides).

      • Thanks for this Toz… Hopefully we will be in and sorted enough to chill for a little over the Christmas period :-) Best wishes, John

    6. Bienvenu en France.

    7. Darren Winter says:

      Good luck, safe travels and happy new year :-)

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