Ripplemaker launched – Bram Bos adds AU modular iOS synth to his app catalogue

Download from iTunes App StoreAs I mentioned early today, one of my favourite ‘new for 2017’ iOS music apps – Troublemaker – received an update today. No sooner had I pressed ‘publish’ on that news item than an email appeared in my inbox from developer Bram Bos with details of another app that is released today…..  Ripplemaker hit the App Store this morning.

Ripplemaker is described as a ‘West Coast Flavoured Modular Synth’ and, if you are familiar with Troublemaker then there are plenty of elements in the new app that will feel like home. This includes all the technical spec of that app so we have Audiobus 3, IAA, Ableton Link, MIDI in/out, MIDI sync and, of course, AU support. The app is also described as ‘ready for iOS11 file sharing (it will be interesting to see exactly what that has to offer when it arrives).

Ripplemaker – another brilliant iOS music app from Bram Bos.

The UI is also familiar in some respects. In the stand-alone version of the app we get the Troublemaker pattern sequencer for creating your monophonic parts – with a few tweaks to suit something that’s not intended to be quite so 303-like – and all the brilliant randomize options that includes.

The app ships with some great presets to get you started….

In the upper half of the screen we have the synth engine controls and, while modular synths are generally something that makes my head spin, Ripplemaker might be at just the right level for my guitarist sized brain. Yes, it’s a modular (perhaps ‘semi-modular’ is a better description?) mono synth in that you can use patch cables to make all sorts of interesting connections between different elements of the engine….  but not anywhere near as ‘freeform’ as, for example, an app like Audulus or Ops or zMors Modular. If you wanted a more gentle introduction to the world of ‘modular’ then this might be a good place to start?

AU support is included…. and you could now put together a complete composition just using Bram’s various iOS AU plugins :-)

Oh, and the best bit? Well, I’ve only had the briefest of plays but I have to say it sounds fabulous….  There is a good collection of presets but the app seems to be able to span a wide range of sounds from juicy basses, through arp-tastic leads and into weird drones….  There is also a very detailed – and well worth a look – PDF manual available on the Ruismaker website.

If Troublemaker makes my ‘top 10 2017’ list, then I suspect Ripplemaker might not be far behind. This is yet another iOS synth app that I think will prove hard to resist. At UK£8.99/US$8.99 that’s perhaps not such a big deal anyway…. just skip the Friday night pizza and buy a new app instead :-) Top-notch stuff from a developer that just keeps getting better and better….   Full review to follow but, until then, hit the App Store download button to find out more….


Download from iTunes App Store


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    1. Very cool. Just bought it and initial play suggests much fun to be had… :)

    2. Hm! Pizza!

      Nice to hear some agreement as to this app’s pedagogical value. Have yet to really develop my skills in modular synthesis (though, it’s been fun twiddling knobs and observing others do so at the Switched On Synths Festival, here in Ottawa). Even a few minutes with Ripplemaker gives me a better grasp of how things work.
      Haven’t bought Troublemaker (Phasemaker was my only Bram Bos AU until this morning), but the sequencer is quite neat and it does make for a very quick start in using the synth.
      It works well on both my iPad 4 and iPhone 6s Plus.
      And, as you say, the price is right. Would have hesitated quite a bit if it had been much higher. But, at this price, it was an instabuy despite the large numbers of synth apps on my devices (including quite a few in my “app attic”).

      Oh, you’re sending a dispatch!

    3. I have no idea what I am doing with this, don’t make much music with apps of this type, but am loving the sheer fun. I’m kind of using it as relaxation, between more serious efforts to make the kind of music I understand.

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