ReSlice launch price – grab it while you can; launch pricing ends this week-end

Download from iTunes App StoreIt’s all too easy to go OTT when faced with an interesting new bit of music software and do the whole ‘best thing since sliced bread’ splurge of enthusiasm. On the whole, I do try my best to avoid going too far in ‘hyper mode’…..  but, in the case of the very best new releases, I’m also happy to let my genuine enthusiasm come across….

And one recent release that is definitely in that particular category is VirSyn’s ReSlice and I was hugely impressed with the app when I reviewed it back in January. As the name might suggest, this is an app for ‘slicing’ your audio samples. This is a technology with a long history (anyone here recall the original version of Propellerhead’s ReCycle when it hit the desktop?) but is now something that is embedded into lots of top-end desktop DAWs and a feature found is some drum sampler software. And it is brilliant….  this is a seriously creative tool for those that like to squeeze maximum use out of the humble audio loop.

Do you like to mangle audio loops? Then ReSlice might be right up your street :-)

Anyway, VirSyn have already added to the original feature set with a couple of updates but, alongside Troublemaker, ReSlice is the most fun I’ve had with an iOs music app in quite some time. And, with AU support included and Ableton Link, it is very easy to get super-creative with a few loops as part of a wider music-making workflow.

ReSlice allows you to set pitch, pan, level and reverse – amongst a few other things – on a per-slice basis.

And the reason for revisiting ReSlice in the absence of an update arriving? Well, just that the special launch price – UK£9.99/US$9.99 – is going to run out this weekend. If you have been tempted – and anyone who likes to work with loops ought to be tempted – then you only have a few days left to grab the app at the initial price. It would be brilliant value for money at twice the price but, if you want a bargain for the weekend, then this is a pretty good one….

Check out the full review, watch the demo video, then simply hit the download button before the price goes up. Gush over….   best thing since sliced bread? Well, maybe not, but ReSlice is great for slicing loops and really is very good indeed :-)


Download from iTunes App Store

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