Ravenscroft 275 Piano launched – UVI deliver an iOS piano app with a seriously good spec

Download from iTunes App StoreRegular iOS music makers will be very familiar with the UVI brand through their excellent BeatHawk electronic music production app. While the company have a long track record in sample libraries/virtual instruments for the desktop, BeatHawk was (and still is) an impressive debut under iOS and UVI have simply added to the feature set with every update.

However, today sees the launch of a new iOS app from UVI; Ravenscroft 275 Piano. Now, we already have a number of very impressive virtual piano instruments available under iOS such as Colossus Piano, iGrand and Module….  so if Ravenscroft 275 is going to make an impact, then it better have something to offer by way of an ‘edge’. However, the paper specification suggests UVI might have just that….

New 9iOS) piano anyone? UVI launch the Raverscroft 275.

The virtual instrument is obviously intended to be a recreation of the high regarded (and very expensive) Ravenscroft 275 grand piano which – if you are into hardware acoustic pianos – comes with a specification to die for. UVI have attempted to recreate the sonics and performance detail of the original with some seriously detailed sampling (the app is a 900MB download) and some very clever coding.  The aim is to provide the most expressive acoustic piano playing experience currently found under iOS….

The app looks great on an iPad….

You certainly get a good technical spec. Audiobus, IAA and detailed MIDI support is included and – yay! – the app is also able to run as an AU plugin within a suitable host. It requires iOS9.3 or later and an iPhone 5/iPad 4 or newer is recommended (yes, it is a universal app).

UVI’s Sparkverb is included to add some ‘space’ to the sounds and you also get a 3-band EQ. The on-screen keyboard can be customised as can the dynamics response when using an external keyboard. Bluetooth MIDI is supported.

… but also runs on an iPhone (and includes options for a finger -friendly virtual keyboard as well as the display shown here).

Anyway, check out the trailer video below….  it looks and sounds fabulous. There are further audio demos on the UVI website that are also impressive. ‘Great’ I hear all you piano players say….  but what about the price? Well, that’s also interesting in its own way; UK£34.99/US$34.99. This is, therefore, not in the casual purchase category and I suspect folks will want to know a little more detail before taking the plunge. I’m hoping to get hold of a review copy shortly….

….  until then, feel free to watch the video and hit the App Store download button to find out more. Let’s hope Ravenscroft 275 is as good as it looks…  and as good as the price suggests it ought to be :-)

Ravenscroft 275 Piano

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Nice…

    2. £35 for an IOS piano. Is it April 1st again.

    3. UVI’s Sparkverb in ios is fantastic. I have a feeing there will be other apps coming to ios from the UVI camp soon. (Exciting times )

    4. awesome that this is available on iOS!

    5. What is the poliphony specs?

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