Quiztones update – Audiofile Engineering bring a new look to their ear training app for musicians and audio engineers

Download from iTunes App Storequiztones logoAudiofile Engineering’s Quiztones app has been around on the App Store since 2011 and I first took a look at it in August 2012. As the title suggests, Quiztones is an app for testing your musical knowledge. However, before you start to think ‘I’ll name that tune in three….’ the testing here is focused on your ability to identify frequencies.

Now, while this might sound about as interesting as watching paint dry, it you do any serious amount of mixing, the ability to identify which frequencies you need to tweak for each instrument in order to stop your mix sounding like it was recorded in a shoebox is a pretty significant skill. Indeed, watch (if you are lucky enough) or read about any experienced mix engineer and how they go about crafting a mix, and you soon realise that (a) EQ plays a significant role in this process and (b) the workflow is drastically improved if you can quickly identify the problem frequencies in an instrument (and get to them quickly) rather than having to randomly sweep your EQ until (if you are lucky) to find the required spot.

Quiztones - just how good are your ears anyway?

Quiztones – just how good are your ears anyway?

Over the weekend, an update for Quiztones appeared on the App Store – the first since February 2013 – and, while this kind of utility app isn’t really something that goes out of date in terms of the content, it’s great to see an update appear to accommodate OS and device developments. However, this update is a touch more than just maintenance as the app has also undergone quite a significant redesign in terms of the interface.

The new look is slick and is, I’m sure, an improvement of the previous workflow. However, as before, the focus is very much of ear training with options for identifying the pitch of tones, EQ frequency bands and changes in level (gain) all provided. The base app is priced at UK£3.99 (which, if you are prepared to put a little practice in, will repay itself in no time through your ability to work with EQ much more quickly while mixing) and there are some additional IAPs to add some extra testing options including some based upon listening tests with specific instruments.

The new look is slicker but the tests just as challenging :-)

The new look is slicker but the tests just as challenging :-)

If you have never been fortunate enough to get a formal education in music or recording technology, in terms of you ability to quickly identify different frequencies, Quiztones – with sone suitable practice on your part – can give you a head start. It might not be as sexy a purchase as a new synth or effects app, but don’t ignore the potential of this kind of utility/training app to do good things for your music making…


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