Quincy update – RoGame Software add Ableton Link support in their generative music composition app

Download from iTunes App Storequincy logo 2I included Quincy (currently UK£3.99/US$4.99) from RoGame Software in my iOS generative music apps roundup a while ago. Quincy is a sort of abstract ambient music generator and the app uses an underlying algorithm that is based upon the Game of Life pattern generation process. You ‘seed’ the musical idea with a graphical pattern of cells and a set of rules are then applied that dictate which cells remain alive, which die and which new cells are ‘born’.

Quincy’s main screen is quietly hypnotic :-)

And, as the pattern changes on the screen so the music created also changes. You can change the rules that are applied and also draw new sets of cells on the screen as the composition unfolds. Sonically, it’s fascinating but, equally, it is quite hypnotic to watch as the patterns change with time.

This made for an interesting combination….. locked together via Ableton Link.

Quincy was updated yesterday when v.1.2.5 arrived on the App Store. This version adds support for Ableton Link which is kind of cool. I gave this a quick run through this morning and somehow managed to lose an hour in some experimentation with Quincy and patterning locked together via Link and generating all sorts of rather nice things together.

Yay! Quincy now includes support for Ableton Link.

Quincy is an interesting bit of software and, as it pretty much does all the heavy lifting for you in terms of music creation, I suspect it would probably suit non-musicians (or, more accurately, those with non-traditional instrument skills) looking to get into music making rather than those with a lot of musical theory/expertise. However, as a source of new, abstract or ambient or hypnotic melodic ideas, Quincy is a lot of fun and great to watch. And, at UK£9.99/US$9.99, it is unlikely to break too many banks….


Download from iTunes App Store


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    1. Sry to say, but the price is now $9.99.
      Another example of a price bump in connection with an update. Hope this is not a new trend.

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