Quantiloop update – stompbox-style iOS looper app from Stephan Marx gets some further tweaks

Download from iTunes App Storequantiloop-logo-1Quantiloop was released just about six months ago – and reviewed here on the Music App Blog – and provides a very impressive addition to the cluster of looper-style apps that are available under iOS (for example, Loopy HD, Loopr, Voice Jam Studio, LooperSonic, LoopTree, Group The Loop and Ostinator).

Stephan Marx has bought a distinctive retro design that looks very ‘hardware’ in nature and, as this gives the app a very distinctive feel and mode of operation, I suspect it will give it particular appeal to those with experience of floor-mounted hardware looper pedals. As I reported at the end of January, the app had a significant update to v.2.0 and this bought a refresh of the UI, the number of looper slots was been doubled from two to four making much more ambitious live looping arrangements a possibility.

And you still get the dedicated rhythm track on top of this and, combined with the included IAA hosting and various types of sync – including Ableton Link – you could, for example, host a suitable drum/groovebox app within Quantiloop and sync its playback with that of your loops.

Quantiloop – v.2.0 gave us a significant upgrade to the feature set of this stompbox style looper app.

Anyway, a further update has appeared on the App Store yesterday taking the app to v.2.0.2. As you might expect so soon after a major update, there are some further maintenance-style tweaks to bring stability improvements. However, there are also some new features added. For example, you now get options for half-speed and double-speed effects, more options for moving between banks remotely, refinements to the sync with other apps and expanded numbers of presets per preset bank.

The app includes a dedicated rhythm track that can be blended with your loop-based recordings.

Yes, there are some excellent alternative looper apps out there but, in terms of features, Quantiloop is a pretty good place to start for a budding looper, especially those with a guitar background. It’s great as a stand-alone app in the studio but, if you were to team it with a suitable MIDI pedalboard, it could easily make the heart of a live performance system.

For potential purchasers, at UK£9.99/US$9.99, Quantiloop offers a fairly easy way into looper technology that mimics the world of the hardware looper with the convenience (and price) of an iOS music app…. well worth a look….  as is the user demo video embedded below that shows the new version of Quantiloop in action embedded into a live performance rig.


Download from iTunes App Store

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