Quantiloop update – stompbox-style looper app from Stephan Marx gets some tweaks

Download from iTunes App Storequantiloop-logo-1While live performance using some sort of looping device has become much more mainstream over recent years, it is still perhaps a niche activity. As such, it is perhaps a bit surprising that we have quite so many looper-style apps available on the App Store as we do. Daddy of them all is, of course, Loopy HD, but there are other excellent contenders for your money including Loopr, Voice Jam Studio, LooperSonic, LoopTree, Group The Loop and Ostinator.

And, released just a few months ago – and reviewed here on the Music App Blog – is Quanitloop from Stephan Marx that provides another potential option. Quantiloop has a distinctive retro design that looks very ‘hardware’ in nature. As I reported just a couple of weeks ago, the app had a significant update to v.2.0 recently. This bought a refresh of the UI, the number of looper slots was been doubled from two to four making much more ambitious live looping arrangements a possibility.

And you still get the dedicated rhythm track on top of this and, combined with the included IAA hosting and various types of sync – including Ableton Link – you could, for example, host a suitable drum/groovebox app within Quantiloop and sync its playback with that of your loops.

Quantiloop – v.2.0 gave us a significant upgrade to the feature set of this stompbox style looper app.


Anyway, a further update has appeared on the App Store today taking the app to v.2.0.1. As you might expect so soon after a major update, this one is more about maintenance tweaks. There are fixes for using the app with some hardware interfaces and refinements that mean older iPad hardware has better support (e.g. iPad 2) plus a few other stability improvements…  all welcome of course.

The app retains its dedicated rhythm track that can be blended with your loop-based recordings.

Yes, there are some excellent alternative looper apps out there but, in terms of features, Quantiloop is a pretty good place to start for a budding looper, especially those with a guitar background. It’s great as a stand-alone app in the studio but, if you were to team it with a suitable MIDI pedalboard, it could easily make the heart of a live performance system.

For potential purchasers, at UK£9.99/US$9.99, Quantiloop offers a fairly easy way into looper technology that mimics the world of the hardware looper with the convenience (and price) of an iOS music app…. well worth a look….  as is the user demo video embedded below that shows the new version of Quantiloop in action embedded into a live performance rig.


Download from iTunes App Store

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