Quantiloop giveaway results – 3 winners of stompbox-style looper app from Stephan Marx

Download from iTunes App Storequantiloop-logo-1While live performance using some sort of looping device has become much more mainstream over recent years, it is still perhaps a niche activity. As such, it is perhaps a bit surprising that we have quite so many looper-style apps available on the App Store as we do. Daddy of them all is, of course, Loopy HD, but there are other excellent contenders for your money including Loopr, Voice Jam Studio, LooperSonic, LoopTree, Group The Loop and Ostinator.

Quantiloop - very hardware looking but with a cool feature set for those wishing to get into looping.

Quantiloop – very hardware looking but with a cool feature set for those wishing to get into looping.

And, recently released – and reviewed here on the Music App Blog – is Quanitloop from Stephan Marx that provides another potential option. Quantiloop has a distinctive retro design that looks very ‘hardware’ in nature. The app offers two independent loop recording tracks, both of which offer overdubbing (so you can add layers to each loop to build up something more complex) and their playback can be sync’ed. Also on offer is IAA hosting and various types of sync – including Ableton Link – so you could, for example, host a suitable drum/groovebox app within Quantiloop and sync its playback with that of your loops. There is also a metronome if you just want a click to keep you in time when starting up a session.

As I reported a week or so ago, Stephan released an update to Quantiloop taking the app to v.1.1. On the back of that update, he very kindly provided me with three copies of the app to giveaway to readers here at the Music App Blog. Entries closed yesterday and the winning names were pulled out of the hat this morning. The lucky winners are:-

Craig Laubach

Thorsten Mayer

Greta Hooper

Incidentally, if you do appear as a winner in one of these giveaways and you don’t seem to have seen an email from me with the promo code details, then do make sure you check in your junk, trash or spam folders just in case your email system has ‘filed’ the message there :-)

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Yes, there are certainly more powerful looper apps out there but, in terms of features, Quantiloop is a pretty good place to start for a budding looper. It might be all you need but, if not, it is a fairly easy way into the technology before you move upmarket…. well worth a look.


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