PPG Infinite launched – highly anticipated iOS synth from Wolfgang Palm now available

Download from iTunes App StoreThere has been quite a bit of pre-release buzz, but synth pioneer and all-round creative mind Wolfgang Palm has now introduced his long-awaited new synth iOS app; PPG Infinite has hit the App Store today.

Wolfgang is undoubtedly a bit of a synth super-hero to many. He was the man behind wavetable synthesis back in the 1970s but, even some 40 years later, he is still bringing new ideas to the world of synthesis. Amazingly, that includes the contributing to the world of iOS music making and he already has a number of innovative iOS music apps available on the App Store including the amazing Phonem vocal synthesizer.

PPG Infinite has arrived – more innovative iOS synthesis from Wolfgang Palm.

His synths (hardware, desktop and iOS) are generally pretty deep (perhaps not for the faint of heart?) and the latest offering – which has been trailed for a little while – has got lots of iOS synth-heads very excited. Well, now you can let go of the anticipation and dig in…. PPG Infinite is most certainly deep but, launched at UK£19.99/US$19.99, it looks like it offers a world full of synth options for what is a pretty modest price.

You can check out the demo videos below for a preview (there are some amazing sounds) but PPG Infinite requires iOS8.0 or later, is a 79MB download and comes with Audiobus, IAA and AU (yay! – the latter requires both iOS9.0 and a suitable AU host obviously) support as well as MIDI. The synth engine contains new elements  apparently and these allow it to generate both harmonic and inharmonic sounds giving huge sonic scope.

PPG Infinite – wavetable synthesis but with more options and greater flexibility?

Also included are XY pads for sound manipulation in real-time (the Morpher), options to import sound elements from Wolfgang’s WaveGenerator and WaveMapper apps and from Phonem, a noise generator (Noiser), a custom filter element known as the Molder, a sophisticated modulation matrix, a range of effects including reverb, delay and overdrive, and multiple envelopes and LFOs.

If you like your synths deep, then PPG Infinite looks like it is just for you :-)

Anyway, a review will follow but if deep and powerful synths are the thing that get your musical muse flowing, then PPG Infinite is most certainly going to be on your ‘most wanted’ list. If you simply can’t wait for the full review then checkout the videos below and hit the App Store download button to find out more.

PPG Infinite

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. While respecting the great man’s achievements, I still don’t fully understand Phonem. I mean, I can work it to some extent, but the time required to really get it, is too much for me. This new app looks like more of the same. Brilliant, especially for synth heads, but a journey into how the heck does this work for the rest of us.

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