Positive Grid updates – PG’s key iOS music apps get Audiobus 3 support

Download from iTunes App Storebias fx logo 2While the road might not have been completely smooth, iOS musicians ought to have a lot of respect for what Positive Grid have done over the last few years. Their iOS music apps have proved to be very popular and deservedly so; they are very good at what they do.

However, to then take the flagship iOS-based guitar rig modelling and port it over to the desktop world – a very competitive place – was a brave move. To then take that same technology and recreate it as a top-end modelling/profiling guitar amp was even braver….  and, as a quick scoot around the guitar-filled corners ofYouTube will reveal, they have done a darn good job with that also…..

BIAS FX – now running very happily within Audiobus 3.

BIAS FX is a match for any of the iOS virtual guitar rig apps and the iOS and desktop versions (the latter demo’ed by Rob Scallon in the video embedded below) can offer some amazing guitar tones. For those that like to dig even deeper into your tone, then BIAS Amp takes things to another level…. a brilliant tool that allows you to custom design your own virtual amp. Final Touch is PG’s ‘mastering tools in an app’ software. This is an incredibly slick app and it provides you with a number of processing ‘modules’ that you can switch in/out of your signal chain. This includes two comprehensive EQ modules, a master reverb, dynamics, stereo imaging and a loudness maximizer. Given the flexibility and depth provided, Final Touch is a powerful tool in the right hands and, if you do any recording under iOS, this app is well worth considering as your final processing stage.

PG have done a round of updates with Audiobus 3 refinements…..

Anyway, all four of their most popular apps – BIAS FX, BIAS Amp, JamUp Pro and Final Touch – have been treated to a bit of an update this week. While there has been the usual round of minor tweaks under the hood for optimum performance, the key change is that all four of these apps now include full support for Audiobus 3. That’s great to see….  and, as the round of updates includes JamUp – essentially a legacy app once BIAS FX was created – a further pat on the back is deserved for keeping those users who invested heavily in JamUp happy. Having given all of the app a quick run through within Audiobus 3 this morning, all seem to be working well.

Final Touch provides a very polished software-based mastering environment for iOS music makers.

Any of these apps are worth a look if you are a keen iOS music app addict….  and for guitar players, the BIAS FX/BIAS Amp combo is brilliant. Check out the full reviews by following the links above but then hit the App Store download buttons below to find out more.



Final Touch

 JamUp Pro

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