Positive Grid sale still on – sale pricing on BIAS FX, BIAS Amp, Final Touch and IAPs

Download from iTunes App Storebias fx logo 2And while we are on the subjects of sales today, don’t forget that many of Positive Grid’s flagship iOS music apps are also still on excellent sale pricing…. So, if you are a guitar playing/recording nut working under iOS, and you have not yet stumped up for the various Positive Grid iOS music apps, now might be a good time to do it.

BIAS FX is perhaps top of the pile as, in the sale, you can pick up a copy for just UK£7.99/US$9.99 (around 1/3 of the normal price) while all the IAP expansion packs are 50% off their usual price. The desktop version of BIAS FX is demo’ed by Rob Scallon in the video embedded below…  although do note that you get the same modelling and tone shaping options in the iOS version of the software :-)

BIAS FX; top-notch virtual guitar rig for iOS.

BIAS FX; top-notch virtual guitar rig for iOS.

However, if you like to dig even deeper into your tone, then BIAS Amps is also on sale for just UK£3.99/US$4.99. This is a ridiculously low price for what is (for guitar tone-heads at least) a brilliant tool.

BIAS Amps - want to change your virtual valves? Go on then.... and no danger of electrocution :-)

BIAS Amps – want to change your virtual valves? Go on then…. and no danger of electrocution :-)

Final Touch is also included within the sale and you can pick this up for just UK£2.29/US$2.99. This is an incredibly slick app and it provides you with a number of processing ‘modules’ that you can switch in/out of your signal chain. This includes two comprehensive EQ modules, a master reverb, dynamics, stereo imaging and a loudness maximizer. Given the flexibility and depth provided, Final Touch is a powerful tool in the right hands and, if you do any recording under iOS, this app is well worth considering as your final processing stage.

Final Touch from Positive Grid - looks and sounds great.

Final Touch from Positive Grid – looks and sounds great.

Any of these apps are good value at full price; at these sale prices they are a complete bargains. Check out the full reviews by following the links above but then hit the download buttons below and enjoy….



Final Touch

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    1. Final Touch is an absolute steal on sale! There is no track that I;ve used it on which has not sounded a lot better. Fantastic bit of kit.

      • Hi Nathan…. agreed… it’s a great piece of software and, currently, at a ridiculously low price….. best wishes, John

    2. All their apps are top notch. Excellent quality at full price.

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