Poseidon update – VirSyn’s ocean of sound gets Ableton Link – and 40% OFF SALE pricing

Download from iTunes App StorePoseidon logo 1VirSyn will be well known to the majority of computer-based musicians whether you work on the desktop or a mobile platform such as iOS. The company have an extensive portfolio of iOS music apps covering a number of different synths, audio effects and a dedicated arpeggiator app.

Many of these apps are iOS-sized ports of VirSyn’s desktop virtual instruments and effects and I’ve reviewed a good number of them here on the blog over the last four years or so including the impressive Poseidon. And, with a tag line that suggests the app offers ‘the ocean of sound’, I’m sure lots of iOS synth fans have been tempted to dive in (doh!). The app is a 336MB download requiring iOS8.0 or later and is iPad-only. It comes with full MIDI support, Audiobus and IAA support.

Poseidon's Wave display.

Poseidon’s Wave display – very cool :-)

Anyway, Poseidon has just received its first update since December 2015 when v.1.2.0 arrived on the App Store. The update description contains the usual ‘bugfixes’ line but also now offers a ‘CPU efficiency’ switch (a useful option if you are running out of steam), some tweaks to the AudioShare support and, the headline change, the addition of Ableton Link. The latter is obviously good to see for any tempo dependent modulation of effects options  with an app.

Having given this a quick spin on my iPad pro test system, Poseidon seemed more than happy to find – and link with – other Ableton Link enabled apps. VirSyn are slowly adding Link support to their iOs music app roster….  good to see.

Poseidon now includes Ableton Link support – good to see :-)

Like Nave, I’m not sure Poseidon would be a synth that every iOS musician would pull out the bag every day for use on every track. However, if you create music built on pads or evolving sound textures (and most electronic music makers will have call for these kinds of sounds in some projects), this would be a great tool to have around.

It is still possible to get a sense of the app belonging to the VirSyn synth family (and that comparison to Nave is an obvious one), but Poseidon is also very much it’s own thing; an interesting combination of sounds and a very clever user interface. I’m sure iOS synth app addicts will be more than happy to add it to their synth app arsenal and I’d have no problems recommending Poseidon to any iOS synth fan….

You can read the original Poseidon review here but, if you are tempted, then now might be the time to catch it – there is 40% off the usual pricing so you can pick up a copy for just UK£11.99/US$11.99.


Download from iTunes App Store


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