Poison-202 update – excellent iOS synth moves to v.2.0

Download from iTunes App StoreI reviewed Poison-202 from JimAudio soon after it was released. Poison-202 is a vintage-style iOS synth, inspired by some of the classic synths from the 80s and 90s, paying homage to the synth sounds found on tracks from The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Kraftwerk and Daft Punk amongst others.

The app arrived with universal support, IAA and MIDI included (although the latter was perhaps not as fully-featured as on some iOS synth apps) and AU support was added in v.1.1 which appeared in mid-October. This was quite a big deal and certainly broadens the appeal of the app for those iOS musicians who really want to transition to an AU-based approach for between-app connectivity. A few weeks later, v.1.2 bought a MIDI Learn feature and the ability to import/export sound banks.

Poison-202 – excellent iOS synth that includes IAA, Audiobus and AU support.

Anyway, the updates have kept coming, incrementally added further features, and the latest of these arrived on the App Store yesterday. This is a ‘whole point’ update – Poison-202 now stands at v.2.0 – and, as well as a new app logo, also brings some new features and the usual round of fixes. However, if you also run an OSX desktop music production system, it also brings you an offer….   more on that in a minute.

Poison-202 now includes Audiobus support with State saving.

Top of the list is Audiobus support including State Saving. I gave this a try this morning with Audiobus 3 and Poison-202 seemed to be very happy to work in that environment. In addition, the XFM modulation engine has been improved for better performance and smoother control via the mod wheel. Finally, there is a new factory bank of 100 patches – the Essentials Soundpack by Fabio Ribeiro – with a whole bunch of classic 70s and 80s type sounds including basses, leads, pads and sound effects. Having trawled through a few of these also this morning, there are some excellent sounds amongst them that demonstrate just what Poison-202 is about.

The v.2.0 update adds a new factory sound pack with some fresh presets to explore.

As I mentioned a little while ago, developer Jim Pavlov has been working on a port of Poison-202 to OSX. That’s now been available for a little while (I’ve tried it and it works very well indeed, with all the same features and sound but just in a VST/AU format for OSX) and is priced at €69.99 (and similar-ish UK£/US$ prices in the appropriate territory). While this is obviously much more of a desktop price point and an iOS one, if you do happen to own the iOS version of the app, you can, for a limited time, get hold of a coupon via the iOS app that qualifies you for a 50% discount on the OSX version. If you are already a Poison-202 fan, then the desktop version will prove very tempting…..

Like the iOS version? Fancy the same synth for OSX? Then get 50% off right now :-)

OK, so if your iOS synth app collection already includes rather too many of the usual suspects, then perhaps Poison-202 will not offer you something you don’t already have covered. However, if you are still building a collection of iOS music apps – synths included – this is most certainly one to audition. It’s a great design that offers some great sounds and is pretty easy to find your way around. As an introduction to synth programming, it would have enough options to keep you happy for a while yet not be too difficult to get started with.

And, of course, let’s not ignore the iOS price. At just UK£9.99/US$9.99, for many folk (i.e. people who can afford an iPad or iPhone in the first place), this might well represent a casual purchase; pass on the coffee/pastry combo for a couple of days and treat yourself to a very good iOS synth instead. The AU support might be more than enough to convince many potential purchasers….  check out the original full review of Poison-202, the demo video below and then hit the download button to find out more.


Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Hi! I have the IOS version already. How can I get the discount coupon? I don’t see anything relevant inside the application

      • Make sure you have the latest iOS update…. then visit the Settings menu…. scroll down that and you will find a link to get your coupon…. Best wishes, John

    2. Love it, but my personal rant, sorry…
      Why is it that first adopters are always “burnt” and never get rewarded for their first steps taken?
      Am I the only one to buy the product on the first release date?
      Well, I bought Poison 202 for Mac at $90 and now with this update I can get 50% off…
      If that was just $10 iOS app, I wouldn’t complain at all, but half price of what I paid for – $50, hurts a lot :(

      • Hi Leslie…. ouch…. maybe drop Jim a line….? Who knows…. maybe he will feel able to help? Very best wishes, John

      • Hello Leslie! Thanks for your comment about our Poison-202! We hope you enjoy it.
        JimAudio team holds the right to use different marketing strategies, which also include temporary product sales and offers, at any time.
        For the info, Poison-202 costs $59,99 USD (full price), and the price mentioned here is in AUD, 81.99
        Best Regards.

        • Hi Jim,
          Thanks for your reply. Indeed the price I have quoted is in $AUD – I am Ausie after all.. ;)
          Anyway, I have absolutely no regrets for buying Poison 202 at full price point, it just hurts a bit that the price reduction came so soon after my initial purchase… Oh well, it’s only money after all.
          Love Poison on my Mac and iPad and will always support it, as long as you will ;)
          Kind regards,

      • First adopters are “burned” because they fund subsequent development, marketing and sales, which if the product survives and succeeds, can lower price or subsidize temporary sales. The alternative is the product disappears.

    3. The new presets take this synth from good to fabulous.

      • Hi David…. it’s a great app… and a brilliant example of just how well AU-based instruments can work under iOS. best wishes, John

        • Luis Miguel says:

          I totally agree with you John. If the musical apps don’t implement the Audio Units (AU) like Poison, I will always be in the Korg Gadget.

    4. Loved this thing since it first came out. It’s got such a small footprint too. The sounds are second to none.

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