Phonem update – Wolfgang Palm brings a first set of tweaks to his vocal synthesis software to iOS

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Phonem logo 1I published a review of Wolfgang Palm’s new Phenom iOS voice synthesiser app just a few days ago. Phonem is already a popular desktop plugin and I suspect that the iOS version – while most certainly a bit of a niche app – is going to go the same way.

Phenom was designed originally as just a voice synthesis engine – albeit a very flexible and powerful one – but in fact the software can also turn its hand in a more general synthesiser role. It sounds great with some interesting ‘synth’ tones and, with a bit of work, some very creative ‘vocal’ options. It is, however, a pretty deep app….  so perhaps not something for the ‘my first synth’ wish list :-) That said, if you are happy meet the UK£14.99/US$19.99 asking price, you can now run it on your iPad without breaking too many banks.

Phenom - Wolfgang Palm's voice synth in an iPad format.

Phenom – Wolfgang Palm’s voice synth in an iPad format.

Phonem requires iOS7.0 or later, is a 30MB download and comes with Audiobus, IAA and AU (the later requires both iOS9.0 and a suitable AU host obviously) support as well as MIDI. And while the engine has been refined compared to the VST/AU desktop plugin, the options and sounds are, I believe, the same.

The app comes with Audiobus, IAA and, as shown here, AU support.

The app comes with Audiobus, IAA and, as shown here, AU support. AUM is used here but it also ran fine for me via AU within Cubasis.

Anyway, the first update to the app – taking it to v.1.0.1 – has appeared on the App Store today. As you might expect so soon after the initial release, this is primarily to catch a few minor bugs (as I mentioned in my original review, Phenom did go AWOL on me a couple of times during my own testing) but there are also a few small cosmetic adjustments that have been made.

Voice synths might not be for everyone but Phonem is one of those rare things in music software…  it’s both fun to use (making software speak or sing phrases of your own choise is pretty cool) and, in the right musical context, very creative. Check out the full review for more details, watch the videos below to see the app/desktop plugin in action and then hit the download button to find out more via the App Store.


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    1. Ideally, for those of us either too lazy, too busy or unwilling, the app would be smart enough to do the donkey work. I’m thinking of something that can be ‘told’ via options that a phrase is to be sung or spoken at a certain tempo and pitch. Any chance, Mr Wolfie?

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