Patterning SALE – Olympia Noise Co celebrate update with a bargain price

Download from iTunes App StorePatterning IconAs most regular Music App Blog readers will be aware, I’m a bit of a fan of what developer Olympia Noise Co do with their iOS music apps. ChordionOndes and dot Melody are well worth checking out. However, as I commented when originally reviewing the app back in August, Ben Kamen and the team at Olympia Noise Co toped the lot with their most recent release; Patterning: Drum Machine.

If you have not yet read the full Patterning review or tried the app for yourself, then don’t miss out. Patterning is – quite simply – brilliant; beautiful to look at, so very clever in terms of the programming options and, as far as I’m aware, unique as a drum/rhythm programming environment (iOS or desktop). This was absolutely one of my favourite releases in 2015 and it still remains a ‘go to’ app for electronic beat/groove creation. ….

Patterning - now with support for Ableton Link.

Patterning – including support for Ableton Link.

I’m not the only one though and the app has just won a ‘runner up’ award in the App Store Best of 2015 list. That’s a pretty big deal and the v.1.0.6 update that introduced support for Ableton Link to round out the feature set further.

There is, apparently, another update due shortly (perhaps even today) that will add further new features and, to celebrate,  Olympia Noise Co have Patterning at what I think is its lowest ever price for just a few days; UK£3.99/US$4.99 – 50% off the usual price.

If you have any use for programmed drum pattern and/or electronic drum sounds, at UK£7.99, Patterning is a no-brainer…. but at the sale price of UK£3.99/US$4.99 it’s amazing value. Check out the original review but this is an app that is good enough to buy an iPad for…. I just wish there was a VST version for my desktop system as I would buy it in a flash. This is top notch stuff and recommended without any reservations….


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