Palm Sounds 8th birthday – celebrate an excellent mobile music institution

palm sounds logoI posted a piece a few weeks ago about how iOS music technology (and mobile music technology in general I guess) needs a community of bloggers and/or journalists to work along side the community of developers to help promote, explain and explore just what is possible with the platform and to encourage and support potential new users. Thankfully, as shown on our ‘Links‘ page, there are a good crop of such sites now doing just that….

One of the most long-standing mobile music making sites out there – and it was an inspiration to me when I first got started with my iPhone and a few music apps – is Palm Sounds. And, as of this week (yesterday actually I think?), Palm Sounds celebrated its 8th (yes, 8th!) birthday. In mobile music terms that is a loooooong time so, if you get a minute, hop over to the Palm Sounds website and wish Ashley Elsdon who runs the site a ‘happy birthday’….  and maybe also just say thanks to him for doing what he does to support the mobile music making community. There are all sorts of extra things going on at the site to tie in with the birthday celebrations – articles, dips into the 8 year back catalogue and app sales so do show your support and check out what’s going on.

The Music App Blog has been running for less than 2 years and if I make it to 8 I’ll be well impressed :-) Ashley – congratulations and keep it up – we all salute you!




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    1. Yes, PalmSounds is a greeeeaaaat site! And your link page is pretty cooool as well.

      Wow, just two years John, crazy.

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