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iSolo pickup review – wireless acoustic pickup system with iOS support

I’ve been lucky enough to get to try quite a range of hardware add-ons that might be of interest to the iOS musician in the course of running the Music App Blog. As a relatively new – and very quickly evolving – platform, buying hardware dedicated for just iOS use can be a bit of a risky business. However, perhaps less of a risk are products aimed at both desktop and iOS users and the latest hardware item I have in for review is an example of this; the iSolo wireless acoustic microphone … [Read more...]

Multitrack DAW update – more tweaks compact iOS DAW from Harmonicdog

Multitrack DAW by Harmonicdog is a popular recording choice with lots of iOS musicians. While it is an audio-only recording environment (like Auria, at present, there is no support for MIDI tracks), it does offer two advantages that appeal to users. First, Multitrack DAW is simple to use (the feature set is streamlined so you can focus on the recording process itself and not get distracted). Second, it’s a universal app that, because of its streamlined feature set (and unlike Cubasis and Auria, … [Read more...]

Loopy Masterpiece – Michael Tyson posts a further video with more details of new app in development

I don't know about you but I'm really enjoying the video diary from Michael Tyson about the development process for his 'app-in-development' - Loopy Masterpiece. Michael is also obviously enjoying the process and is getting some useful feedback from potential users about his current plans and the various design choices he has already described. Michael has promised to post regular updates so I'll simply embed the new videos here as and when they appear with the most recent one shown at the … [Read more...]

iRig BlueBoard update – software for wireless MIDI pedalboard controller for iOS from IK Multimedia gets iOS9 tweaks

I think it’s fair to say that the availability of guitar amp sims such as Amplitube, AmpKit, Jam Up Pro, BIAS FX and Mobile POD have done a lot to draw guitar playing musicians into the wider world of iOS-based music making. At its best, the quality of the amp, cab and effects modelling possible on an iPhone or iPad is almost as good as that offered by some of the top-end desktop software packages or dedicated hardware units such as Line 6’s POD devices. While the amp modelling and audio … [Read more...]

iFretless Guitar updated – Blue Mangoo add iOS9 support

I've reviewed iFretless Bass, iFretless Brass and iFretless Sax from Blue Mangoo on the Music App Blog previously. All three are excellent iOS music apps and the playing interface provides plenty of expressive possibilities. However, I've never got around to reviewing the other iFretless app - iFretless Guitar - other than a brief mention in my iOS virtual instrument roundup article. For iFretless Guitar, you can pretty much take as read the comments made for iFretless Bass and iFretless Sax … [Read more...]

apeSoft giveaway – a bundle of three apps aimed at the more experimental iOS musician up for grabs

Developer apeSoft will be familiar to many iOS musicians through their various iOS music apps and their obvious close collaboration with Amazing Noises and their various iOS music apps. Between these two developer names, I’ve reviewed apps such as apeFilter, Sparkle, Dedalus, apeDelay and DubFilter and, if you have encountered any of these apps then you will know that apeSoft don’t really do ‘conventional’. However, apeSoft also don’t just do audio effects apps…. they also have a line of iOS … [Read more...]

iFretless updates – Blue Mangoo bring further tweaks their bass and guitar apps

I originally reviewed both Blue Mangoo's iFretless Bass app (and have taken a quick look at the iFretless Guitar app) some time ago on the blog. Both apps are excellent (iFretless Bass is my favourite virtual bass guitar sound source on my iPad) and the highlight feature is the brilliant MIDI performance interface that guitar and bass players in particular will find instantly familiar yet also very playable. Both apps also support both the iPhone and iPad formats as universal apps. As … [Read more...]

Dedalus sale – Amazing Noises ‘delay audio mangler’ iOS music app now even more of a bargain

I've reviewed a number of Amazing Noises' pocket-money priced – but very effective – iOS music apps on the blog. While the titles of both Limiter and Reverb FDN suggest that might offer some fairly conventional-style audio effects, I think it is a pretty safe bet that that's not really what Amazing Noises have in mind for either app; both can be a weird and often wonderful ride into the more experimental regions of audio processing. I also looked at the new DubFilter app last week; it's really … [Read more...]

Audreio review – wireless audio transmission for iOS devices with OSX support on the way

Device connectivity has become a bit of a hot development topic over the last couple of months. With the introduction of apps such as Midimux, Audiomux, Music IO, the ability to link your iOS devices and your desktop hardware (admittedly mostly for OSX at present) via a USB cable is a very useful and cost-effective means of integrating your music production tools. Of course, we have had – and still have – wireless and/or Bluetooth-based connectivity, whether between multiple iOS devices or … [Read more...]