Starter for 10 – an iOS AU synth app selection to plug(in) a hole

I posted a bit of a discussion piece this week looking at the status of between-app connectivity for iOS music makers. My broad conclusion (hope?), while I’m sure not original in any form, is that I think the Audio Units plugin format under iOS has the potential to do what a combination of VST, AU and a couple of other formats, have done of the desktop. Workflows will, therefore, become based around a suitable AU host (a DAW/sequencer or a software-based audio mixer) and a collection of AU … [Read more...]

Format Fitness – iOS music makers need a plugin standard to stick

When Apple first launched iOS on the world, one of its key ‘features’ was the nature of the software (apps) that were intended to run on it. These were intended to be focused, ‘single-function’, tasks – a weather app, a stocks app, a memo recording app, a casual game app, a book-reading app, an email app, a simple photo editing app….. well, you get the idea. The software might well have been quite polished and slick but the vast majority of the apps offered a simple workflow and a tightly … [Read more...]

VC-1 giveaway – five copies of Numerical Audio’s new AU chorus app to be won

I reviewed the excellent RP-1  and RF-1 apps from Numerical Audio developer Kai Aras here on the Music App Blog when when both first launched. They provides compact, but well-featured delay and reverb effects respectively and both are capable of conventional and more creative treatments. Both RF-1 and RP-1 are universal apps, requires iOS9.0 or later, are approximately 30MB downloads and are individually priced at just UK£5.99/US$5.99. However, on a technical front, perhaps the best bit is … [Read more...]

Mood updated – apeSoft refine their analog-style iOS AU synth

Unless you are very new to the world of iOS music apps, the odds are you already have a collection of synth apps that is more than sufficient for your needs (yep, me too). Unfortunately, for us self-confessed app addicts, developers are still keen to put temptation in front of us....  and the most recent offering from apeSoft - Mood, which was launched back in June - has just had its first significant update with v.1.1 arriving on the App Store yesterday. I've given quite a bit of coverage to … [Read more...]

Elastic Drums updated – Oliver Greschke’s brilliant iOS drum app gets new features – and ON SALE

If you are a regular visitor to the Music App Blog you will be well be familiar with Elastic Drums from developer Oliver Greschke and Mouse On Mars. As I mentioned back in February, the app recently underwent a significant update to v.2.0.  Having added support for using drum samples (via an IAP) in v.1.9, v.2.0 added Ableton Live Set Export features, re-vamped the sample import process and made further sample-based kits available via the in-app store. Oliver is, however, one of the more … [Read more...]

AUM update – Jonatan Liljedahl’s brilliant iOS audio mixer app gets some tweaks

There are some developers that qualify for almost universal hero worship amongst the iOS music making community and Jonatan Liljedahl is one of those. So, whether it is the ubiquitous utility app AudioShare, the truly inspiring (and sometimes mind bending) electronic rhythm/groove app Sector, or the minimalist audio effects of the AUFX series, Jonatan creates brilliant apps that almost any iOS musician would want to own. And, with perhaps his flagship iOS music app – AUM - he did it again; … [Read more...]

iMono/Poly review – Korg bring another classic synth to the iOS platform… and to Gadget

Korg have an impressive legacy in the world of the synthesizer starting way back when with some innovative hardware designs. And while they still make (and recreate) classic synths in hardware, they have also embraced the software synth. Over recent years that has included iOS and, amongst the more recent releases are apps such as ARP ODYSSEi, iM1, iWaveStation and iDS-10. They have also released the excellent Gadget (now ported to OSX) and Module, there flagship iOS sample-based virtual … [Read more...]

Ops update – Jonathan MacKenzie adds new features to his iOS modular synth

While I'm well out of my synth programming comfort zone by the time we get to modular synths, that doesn't mean I’m not interested in the technology though and I reviewed an excellent new modular synth app - Ops from developer Jonathan Mackenzie - just after it was released here on the blog. I was very impressed..... The App Store blurb indicated Ops is ‘designed to make it easy to create and explore sound interactively with a touch screen’ and, while that doesn’t guaranteed that even a … [Read more...]

Animoog update – Moog Music’s classic synth gets tweaks for Audiobus 3

We are blessed with some wonderful iOS synths apps....  and while iOS music apps have only been with us for a few years, I think there are still a number of candidates that still deserve to be given a 'classic' status. One of those is undoubtedly Moog Music's Animoog. This iOS synth is available in both iPad (UK£28.99/US$29.99) and a streamlined iPhone version (UK£5.99/US$5.99) and, as a 55MB download, would find a home on even the most highly stuffed of iOS devices. Moog have done a great … [Read more...]