GarageBand update – Apple bring ‘free’ status to their iOS DAW/sequencer

While I'm more than happy to recommend recording apps such as Cubasis, Auria Pro or Gadget to more experienced iOS musicians, if you are just taking your first steps with the platform (and particularly if it represents your first serious encounter with recording/music technology in any form), Apple's GarageBand for iOS is actually pretty hard to beat. Even if you just use it as an audio sketchpad, it would be worth the price of entry and, if you also happen to use GarageBand or Logic Pro X on … [Read more...]

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio update – rapid fire tweaks to iOS DAW/sequencer

I posted about another update to Audio Evolution Mobile Studio just a couple of days ago where developer Davy Wentzler had added some minor new features and a bunch of tidy-up style tweaks. As I commented in my original review of the app when it launched for iOS, Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is well worth a look if you have not yet found your 'home' with any of the established iOS DAW/sequencer. As I discussed in the full review, I was impressed with the basic concept, the conventional … [Read more...]

Navichord update – further refinements added to the excellent iOS chord and harmony exploration app

I reviewed Navichord here on the Music App Blog back in September 2014. The original release was designed to do one job – it allowed the user to explore chord structures and progressions and possible melodic association – but the design is so simple and elegant that, even though it was (at that stage) more of an educational tool or idea pad, rather than an actual musical instrument, it is a pleasure to use. The first major update - taking the app to v.1.1 - turned the app into a 'MIDI … [Read more...]

Elastic Drums updated – Oliver Greschke’s brilliant iOS drum app gets further Audiobus tweaks

If you are a regular visitor to the Music App Blog you will be well be familiar with Elastic Drums from developer Oliver Greschke and Mouse On Mars. As I mentioned back in February, the app recently underwent a significant update to v.2.0.  Having added support for using drum samples (via an IAP) in v.1.9, v.2.0 added Ableton Live Set Export features, re-vamped the sample import process and made further sample-based kits available via the in-app store. Oliver is, however, one of the more … [Read more...]

JamUp Pro update – Positive Grid brings some tweaks to their original guitar rig modeller app

Positive Grid took a bit of flack from some of their user-base when they launched BIAS FX - which many JamUp Pro users saw as JamUp Pro v.2' - as a new app. Some existing users were (a) concerned that their investment in JamUp Pro would eventually be lost because the app would not be maintained alongside BIAS FX, (b) that their IAP purchases in JamUp Pro would transfer across to BIAS FX and (c) that they were not provided with an 'upgrade' pricing structure to move across to BIAS FX as a reward … [Read more...]

Thor update – Propellerhead bring OS and Audiobus tweaks to their flagship iOS synth

Regular readers here will know that I'm a bit of a fan of Propellerhead's Thor - the iOS port of the same synth that is a well-established part of the Reason desktop music production system. Indeed, Thor is amongst my favourite iOS synths to date. You can read the full review of Thor here but it is a powerful, deeply programmable virtual synth that is capable of a fabulous range of sounds. Whether used in a recording context or for live performance, this is big enough and bold enough to work … [Read more...]

Ferrite update – Wooji Juice refine their multi-track audio app

Regular iOS musicians will be familiar with development team Wooji Juice through a number of iOS music apps including the excellent Mitosynth which I reviewed here on the blog some time ago. Back in November 2015, Wooji Juice released a different app – Ferrite – and I've since done a full review of that app also. Ferrite is an audio recording app...  but with a bit of a difference. It provides a very slick ‘record it now’ interface that allows you to capture audio in double quick time and it … [Read more...]

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio update – further tweaks to new iOS DAW/sequencer

If you look at the desktop marketplace, the world is not short of DAW/sequencer options. And, if the likes of, for example, Cubasis, GarageBand, Auria Pro of now Gadget, don't float your particular boat, as I posted a couple of months back, there are further options for you to consider. However, I also reviewed another interesting contender that made it's iOS debut quite recently; Audio Evolution Mobile Studio. As I discussed in the full review, I was impressed with the basic concept, the … [Read more...]

Poseidon update – VirSyn’s ocean of sound gets Ableton Link – and 40% OFF SALE pricing

VirSyn will be well known to the majority of computer-based musicians whether you work on the desktop or a mobile platform such as iOS. The company have an extensive portfolio of iOS music apps covering a number of different synths, audio effects and a dedicated arpeggiator app. Many of these apps are iOS-sized ports of VirSyn’s desktop virtual instruments and effects and I’ve reviewed a good number of them here on the blog over the last four years or so including the impressive Poseidon. … [Read more...]