NYCompressor launched – AU compressor added to DDMF’s iOS app lineup

Download from iTunes App StoreA little while ago, I posted reviews of the  6144 EQEnvelope Reverb and Nolimits iOS audio effects/processor apps from DDMF and developer Christian Siedschlag. All of these are very capable audio processors in their own right but, given the desire from many iOS musicians to see the AU plugin format really take hold, the fact that they are also available as AU plugins only is also of considerable interest.

6144 EQ is a AU-only format equaliser plugin whose inspiration was the highly regarded Neve 5033 hardware EQ processor. Envelope Reverb is perhaps less directly related to a specific bit of original hardware but it provides a very good algorithmic reverb effect. No Limits provides a very smooth sounding limiter app that’s great for use on a drum buss or master bus or for using in a mastering signal chain. All of these apps worked very smoothly for me when used within AU hosts such as Cubasis and AUM.

Anyway, DDMF have launched a further iOS AU audio processor app this week; NYCompressor. This is a further port from DDMF from their desktop plugin collection (it is around €34 on the desktop). It requires iOS9.3 or later, a suitable AU host, is universal and a 32MB download. The iOS app version is priced at just UK£8.99/US$8.99 which, if it is as good as the desktop version – and offers the same boutique/classic analog-style compression sound – could be money well spent given just how important compression is to the average music production.

NYCompressor – the latest iOS port from DDMF.

The compressor can work in mono or 2-channel mode. The latter offer independent L/R compression or a mid-side option. ratios of up to 10:1 are supported along with hard or soft knee compression curves. If your host supports it, then the compressor also provides side-chain inputs. Key signal filtering is also an option.

However, perhaps the most useful feature – and the one that gives the app its name – is the option for parallel compression. This ‘New York’ compression technique allows you to blend together a ‘dry’ version of your audio alongside a compressed version. On old-school analog mixers this involved setting up a separate buss track that was passed through the compressor and sending to that buss from your ‘dry’ track (like sending to a reverb effect). However, used in this way, the compressor was often driven very, very hard and then this over-compressed signal blended with the dry signal as a means of raising the overall volume level of the track in quieter sections but without squashing the louder peaks (these are still heard clearly via the dry track). You decrease the dynamic range of the track (compress the dynamic range) but by raising the lower level signal rather than squashing the louder parts…..  It’s a very different end result but can work really well of some audio signals.

Anyway, NYCompressor does away with the need for all the faffing about with a buss track and a send because, like many software effects today, it includes a wet/dry control so you can simply blend the dry and compressed signals to taste using that; much easier :-) And, of course, the AU format means you can also run multiple instances of the app within a single project…..

I’ve enjoyed all DDMF’s iOS ports so far so let’s hope that others might follow. If you haven’t checked out the original reviews of either 6144 EQEnvelope Reverb or NoLimits then do so….   all are very good and well worth a look. Otherwise, a full review of NYCompressor will follow as soon as I get a chance to dig in….  until then, just hit the download button to find out more. Looks, and sounds, very cool :-)


Download from iTunes App Store

The video below is based on the desktop versions of DDMF’s plugins…  but worth a look as the basic operation is the same under iOS.

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    1. Does side-chain work on Cubasis, Garageband?

      • I am trying to figure this out as well,
        I want to sidechain some drums and synths in Cubasis.
        I think a video tutorial or explanation would be nice. I emailed the company already. Look forward to using it.

        • Hi Both…. I’ve been digging in a bit deeper over the last couple of days so I could write up a full review of the app. While the side-chain optionis included within the app 9as it is in the original desktop version), it does require your host DAW/sequcner to support side-chain routing with 3rd party plugins. At present, I’m not sure there are many that do…. and as far as I can see certainly not the likes of Cubasis or AUM for example. Auria Pro offers side-chaining within its own PSP channel strip plugins but, unless I’ve missed something, not yet with 3rd party stuff….. So, while it is a pretty cool compressor and the wet/dry control offers some useful ‘\New York’ style compression options without the need for a bus send, etc., the side-chain capability is something that you might find difficult to exploit at present….. best wishes, John

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