NoLimits launched – AU format iOS limiter launched by DDMF

Download from iTunes App StoreA little while ago, I posted a reviews of the new(ish) 6144 EQ and Envelope Reverb iOS audio effects apps from DDMF and developer Christian Siedschlag. Both of these are very capable audio processors in their own right but, given the desire from many iOS musicians to see the AU plugin format really take hold, the fact that both are also available as AU plugins only is also of considerable interest.

6144 EQ is a AU-only format equaliser plugin whose inspiration was the highly regarded Neve 5033 hardware EQ processor. Envelope Reverb is perhaps less directly related to a specific bit of original hardware but it provides a very good algorithmic reverb effect. Both apps worked very smoothly for me when used within AU hosts such as Cubasis and AUM.

NoLimits – the latest port to iOS from DDMF’s desktop plugin catalogue.

Anyway, DDMF have launched a further iOS AU audio processor app this week; NoLimits. The app is priced at UK£9.99/US$9.99 and is a limiter (surprise, surprise!) but, from the description on the App Store, and my limited experiments so far, I think you could also use it in the role of a maximiser (that is, to make your final mix a louder as part of a ‘mastering’ stage) and to add a little bit of analog-style warmth. The UI design has a definite ‘vintage hardware’ vibe to it and, like lots of boutique plugins on the desktop, this does suggest that’s the kind of sound DDMF are after.

NoLimits is an AU-onlu processor… but seems to be working very smoothly with AU hosts as shown here within Cubasis.

If Envelope Reverb, 6144 EQ, and now No Limits, are a sign of what’s to come under AU for iOS, then I think we have a lot to look forward to. They promise the convenience of the desktop workflow along with a pretty good stab at the performance of their desktop equivalents. We are beginning to see more AU offerings and, while I suspect that the slower-than-expected uptake from developers is still down to some, as yet, not fully refined elements of  Apple’s AU specification under iOS, it’s encouraging to see continued progress towards the AU world….

NoLimits is a further port from DDMF from their desktop plugin collection (it is around US$34 on the desktop). Based on all these iOS ports so far, I really hope that others might follow. If you haven’t checked out the original reviews of either 6144 EQ or Envelope Reverb then do so….   both a very good and well worth a look. Otherwise, a full review of NoLimits will follow early next week….  until then, just hit the download button to find out more. Looks, and sounds, very cool :-)


Download from iTunes App Store

The video below is based on the desktop versions of DDMF’s plugins…  but worth a look as the basic operation is the same under iOS.

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    1. Delighted to see this, one of my favourite desktop plugins – hopefully, their NYCompressor will be hard on its heels. AU plugins are definitely on the move this year! Another instant sale thanks to your excellent reviews – I hope these developers appreciate you…

    2. Dion Simons says:

      Another welcome app for AU! The demo underlines the effectiveness of the punch and warmth provided

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