Navichord update – further refinements added to the excellent iOS chord and harmony exploration app

Download from iTunes App Storenavichord logoI reviewed Navichord here on the Music App Blog back in September 2014. The original release was designed to do one job – it allowed the user to explore chord structures and progressions and possible melodic association – but the design is so simple and elegant that, even though it was (at that stage) more of an educational tool or idea pad, rather than an actual musical instrument, it is a pleasure to use.

The first major update – taking the app to v.1.1 – turned the app into a ‘MIDI performance app’, with MIDI out being the key new feature turning Navichord into rather a nice MIDI performance tool for creating MIDI data to drive other iOS synths or to send to a DAW/sequencer for recording.

Navichord includes a selection of different colour schemes to choose between….

Further updates came in a bit of a flurry and, in February last year, v.2.0 arrived bringing a new chord pad system, chord presets, updating of the Audiobus SDK, new internal sounds, a metronome, a sequencer for use with the chord pads, Ableton Link and MIDI input options. More recently, v.2.5.0 bought another round of routine bug fixes, a new preset system, Audiobus State Saving, improved pad editing (making it easier to configure Navichord), MIDI Clock support and new colour themes.

Note labels are shown in lower case… and refinements to the UI over recent updates means the overall look is a little sharper.

A further update arrived on the App Store a couple of days ago. V.2.5.1 adds some further refinements to the Abelton Link support as well as allowing preset options for just your chord sets. New MIDI Learn options have been added and the autosave system has been refined…  Oh, and, of course, a few more minor bug fixes and stability improvements have been applied :-)

Navichord really is a very cool tool and, because of the way the note buttons are arranged in the upper portion of the display, you can quickly learn quite a lot about chord construction or, with the MIDI out features, create a MIDI performance with another app or onto your desktop computer. The chord pads are also easy to configure so this is great for budding songwriters or if you want to transpose a chord sequence from one key to another.

You can read the original Navichord review here but, currently priced at just UK£8.99/US$8.99, the app is offers a lot of features for a pretty modest price. Check out the v.2 demo below and then hit the download button to find out more…..


Download from iTunes App Store

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