n-Track Pro updated – n-Track Software’s multi-platform DAW/sequencer gets iOS11 support

Download from iTunes App Storen-track-studio-logoWhile I’m a self-confessed Cubasis fan (and a Cubase user on the desktop), iOS has a number of really good options when it comes to DAW/sequencers. One of those that obviously has a solid user base is n-Track which I reviewed on the blog some time ago.

One of the advantages of n-Track is that it is cross-platform; it exists on the desktop (Windows and OSX), iOS and Android. This multi-platform approach might well make it very appealing to some potential users as it means projects can perhaps be started on a mobile device before being easily shifted across to the desktop version for completion. This is, of course, something you can do with a number of other iOS DAW/sequencers (as you can with Cubasis to Cubase, for example) but, with n-Track, there is the promise that that cross-platform transition is petty much seamless.

n-Track Studio 8 Pro – a well-featured DAW/sequencer for iOS that also happens to be universal and available for Windows, OSX and Android.

Feel free to checkout the n-Track review for the full details but, in summary, n-Track Studio 8 Pro is a well-featured and, once you are over the initial familiarisation issue, easy-to-use recording platform for iOS. There are perhaps a few areas in which there is still scope for development and/or improvement but this is a very respectable platform if one of the more high-profile DAW/sequencers has not already claimed your allegiance.

n-Track includes a very neat MIDI piano-roll editor.

Anyway, a further update arrived on the App Store over the week-end. As you might expect given that iOS11 has just arrived, the headline in the App Store blurb is that n-Track Pro is now ‘iOS11 ready’. I assume that just means some optimisations under the hood to ensure compatibility with the new OS….  Even so, that’s good to see. There are also new help options with video links available and an updated user guide. Again, for new or less experienced users, all this sort of material is very useful indeed.

Price-wise, unless you pick up Cubasis or Auria Pro while on sale, n-Track Studio 8 Pro is somewhat less expensive than the ‘big two’ and not too far removed in price from the other obvious competition. Whatever the merits of these various iOS DAWs, that you can buy a virtual recording platform for the price of an evening meal and a drink in a half-decent pizza restaurant is pretty impressive by anyone’s standards. If one of the higher profile iOS DAW/sequencers has not yet really grabbed your attention, n-Track is well worth a look. Check out the demo videos below and then hit the App Store download button to find out more.

n-Track Studio Multitrack Recorder 8

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