MV08 update – cool 808-inspired drum machine app gets new features

Download from iTunes App StoreOK, so I know iOS is not short of really good drum apps so long-standing iOS music makers might find it hard to get too excited by the prospect of a new options….   but recently released MV08 from developer MVStudioApps (with James Milton behind the wheel) is rather cool….  and, while I have not yet got around to doing a full review, as it has just received it’s first update, I thought I better give it a little attention here on the blog.

MV08 – a cool, Roland-inspired iOS drum app from MVStudio.

MV08 is, sonically at least, inspired by a classic drum machine (no prizes for guessing what the ’08’ suggests!) and features some fairly comprehensive sound sampling. However, while source of the raw samples is pretty obvious, the feature set combines a dollop of old-school (the single-lane pattern editing for example) with some rather nice new-school (is that a thing?) in terms of both pattern configuration and per-step sound editing (this includes per-step pitch, so you can get some melodic ideas going also). And, while there are some neat options for editing sounds – level, pitch, pan plus various effects effects – the feature set is not so complex that a new users might be put off by a steep learning curve; this is an app you can get to work with pretty much straight away.

MV08 has some nice effects options included.

Anyway, the update to v.1.1 arrived a few days ago and this added some refinements to the recording process, an option (within the Audio Settings) to enable sound previews while the sequencer is running, and some tweaks to improve the overdrive effect.

Step Mode allows you to program per-step changes to your drum sounds….

The app is universal, a 74MB download, and requires iOS9.3 or later. Audiobus, IAA and Ableton Link are included. There is MIDI in (if you want to program patterns in a different sequencing environment) but, at present, the MIDI features are perhaps a little limited….  this is currently one aimed very much at beat programming. It would, of course, also be great to see AU support, although there are lots of iOS drum machine/virtual drummer apps that it is possible to say that about…..  hopefully , it will come.

Audiobus and IAA (as shown here in AUM) support is included…. but not yet AU.

MV08 is a neat little app and, if you have not yet found your ideal iOS ‘classic Roland-inspired’ drum machine, then it is well worth a look. It is also priced competitively at just UK£3.99/US$3.99 is well within the casual purchase range. Check out the demo video below to hear the app in action and then hit the App Store download button to find out more….


Download from iTunes App Store

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