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As I posted a couple of weeks ago, the whole MIDI+audio over USB connectivity thing has taken another step forward within Music IO obviously quite far forward with support for Windows to go alongside the existing support for OSX.

On the back of what seems to be a change of policy at Apple HQ, iOS developers now seem able to make use if the standard ‘sync’ USB cable connection between an iOS device and a desktop computer for more than just iTunes File Sharing. For iOS musicians, as we have seen over the last month or so, that has resulted in a number of apps that allow MIDI and audio data to be transferred between iPad (for example) and desktop music production system. The potential is, however, obvious and, if you do want a simple, cost-effective, link between your iPad or iPhone and a desktop computer for transferring MIDI and audio data, there are a number of options.

I looked at both the AppBC’s Audiomux/Midimux combination and Music IO (a combined effort from Secret Base Design, Audeonic Apps and Confusion Studios). These competing apps offer a similar sort of functionality but, as you will appreciate if you have read the reviews, actually approach the task from somewhat different technical perspectives. However, on launch, both were iOS-OSX only; there was no support for iOS-Windows.

Want to get connected? Music IO provides both audio and MIDI over USB between iOS and OSX all in a single app.

Want to get connected? Music IO provides both audio and MIDI over USB between iOS and OSX all in a single app.

As I mentioned previously, the Music IO team opened the their Windows ‘beta’ to open access so they could get feedback from the user community. Today, however, Patrick Madden from Secret Base Design has shared news of an update to the Windows beta support. There is, therefore, now a new beta versions of their VST plugin (64 and 32 bit versions) that Windows users can now download from their website. This should improve the functionality available….  and again, the development team are keen to get feedback from users.

The other thing they are now offering is an ‘how to set this up’ video. This is most welcome as the process, while not complex once you have done it a few times, does have a few steps. If you are going to give Music IO a try, then watch the video below first :-)

The new beta version should work with the most recent version of the MusicIO app that can be purchased from the iTunes App Store. And while they are keen to make potential users aware that this is very much an ‘open beta’ and that there are still technical issues and/or fine-tuning required (and they are hoping user feedback will help with this process), it is certainly encouraging to see some progress on the Windows front.

As indicated in my reviews, Audiomux and Music IO, while competitors, actually handle the audio streaming in somewhat different fashions, so I suspect they will appeal to different types of users. However, at these early stages of this technology, both products produce very creditable – and very useable – results. Here’s hoping the updates – and features – keep coming and that full Windows support arrives sooner rather than later. I will, of course, take a look at this as soon as any official release version is available for review.

Music IO: Audio and MIDI over USB

Music IO: MIDI over USB

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    1. Patrick/Secret Base Design says:

      Thanks for the coverage, John!

    2. Hi John, wow your blog is amazing I can stop reading your reviews and tips and tricks.
      You are helping a lot of people. After reading about your review of Korg iM1 and Synthmaster
      I thought do I need more synth apps? Wait you said they have incredible sound so ok I pulled the trigger
      On this great deal and got both apps. Your were right again and my ears were happy when I hear how they “sound” but then I want to hook up my midi keyboard and powered monitors. I was using the camera connection and things would just stop working, no sound. Reboot try again. Got to bed late.
      Wake up and read your blog today. Low and behold could this be the answer to my problem of connecting my midi keyboard? Even better to my DAW. I’m going to test this new tech. Music io.
      Hope it warms for me and others. Will be great if I don’t have to use my iPad Camera Connection Kit anymore. I know it was not design to work for this but it’s all we had. Thanks for all you do. I appreciate it.

    3. Sorry for the miss spell
      I mean can’t stop reading your blog
      And hope music IO Works for me.

    4. Michael Scourfield says:

      Unfortunately I couldn’t get any joy with music IO in windows. The previous beta I had no trouble getting midi sound from PC to Ipad but no luck going the other way (spent 4 hours trying). Tried 3 different DAWS. Reaper, FL studio and Cubase 5 (couldn’t even find the plugin in Cubase). The new beta makes all my midi ports unavailable including loopbe1 and loopmidi etc. As before shows “connected” on my ipad. No indication to show connected on PC. (the video for the windows setup is showing a “connected” but that is a apple laptop showing.)

      • Hi Michael… I’m sure Patrick and the development team would be interested in all feedback – good or bad – so they can refine their code…. so do make sure you do this via the Music IO website…. Very best wishes, John

      • Patrick/Secret Base Design says:

        Hi, Michael — drop us a line at and we can help track this down. The new beta does a couple of things differently under the hood, so if the old one was working, and the new one isn’t…. that’s something I definitely want to chase after!

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