Music App Blog ’25 apps’ guide updated – free guide for email subscribers now in 4th edition :-)

25 apps guide mock book JW v1The Music App Blog has an email newsletter system and, if you want to get a weekly fix of iOS music news and a concise round-up of news, views and reviews from the blog – plus automatic entry into all our promo code giveaway draws – then you can sign up to receive all of this in a convenient email format.

Anyway, one of the incentives offered for becoming a subscriber is the Music App Blog guide ’25 iOS music apps to get you started’ and, if you are new to the wonderful world of iOS music apps, then this might be a nice place to start in order to get some suggestions for developing your app collection.

I first developed the guide way back in 2013. Needless to say, iOS music technology has come a long way since then and, as new apps appear on the App Store on a very regular basis and old favourites get updated with new features, it is hardly surprising that the guide itself has to be updated on a regular basis.

I’ve been spending a little time over the last week or so making the required edits to create the 4th edition of the guide and trying to bring all the information contained within it up to date (although I’m bound to have missed something; such is life…  feel free to let me know if you get hold of a copy and spot my ‘deliberate’ mistakes!). Yep, there are some new apps I’ve added as suggestions…  and a few that were in previous editions that have perhaps moved slightly to one side….

Anyway, if you have recently subscribed to the newsletter but would now like to get hold of the latest edition, then do drop me an email at the usual address, reply to one of the regular weekly emails or simply use the Contact Us form. Once I’ve collected a good batch of requests (perhaps over the next few days?), I’ll send out a global email to all those subscribers who wanted the latest edition of the guide.

Oh, and if you are not already a subscriber then you can signup for the newsletter here. All that’s required is your name and a valid email address. Once you have confirmed your subscription then you will get automatic access to the guide…  and, yes, it is free :-) And, should you wish to, you can unsubscribe at any time. We are using AWeber for the mailing system – the leading email management system currently available – so you can be sure that your details will remain secure and private.

Here’s hoping everyone – newbies to iOS music making or experienced old hands – find something useful or entertaining in the latest edition of the guide and, if you have suggestions for apps you think ought to be in there but are currently not, then drop me a line and put me right :-)

With thanks and very best wishes,


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    1. This is great news John! I’ve enjoyed your blog for the past year, as I have ventured into iOS music making, and always look forward to reading your articles and app roundups. Thank you!

    2. Sounds great ! How can i receive it ? I sent you 3 mails by answering your regular news mail and filling the contact form but i got no answer. Thanks :-)
      Best regards

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