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Video is a great medium for reviewing music technology or providing a demonstration of key features. It is also a brilliant tool for ‘how to’ instructional material. So, while I’m happy to admit that I’m no threat to Steven Spielberg [ :-) ], the Music App Blog does have a YouTube video channel that I’m gradually adding content to. Videos are often embedded in the blog post to which they are most relevant but you can also see thumbnails from a selection of the videos from the channel displayed below. Clicking on any of these will open the video for playback. To see the full playlist of all the videos available, then just visit the channel itself.

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If you visit the YouTube channel and like what you see or find it helpful in any way, then please do give us a ‘like’ or leave a comment. Equally, if you have suggestions for other topics you would like to see covered in this format, then please do get in touch. If you want to be kept in touch about new videos when they are added, then use the subscribe feature on the YouTube channel page.


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