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25 apps guide mock book JW v1The Music App Blog has an email newsletter system and, if you want to get a weekly fix of iOS music news and a concise round-up of news, views and reviews from the blog – plus automatic entry into all our promo code giveaway draws – then you can signup below to receive all of this in a convenient email format.

Subscribing to the Music App Blog newsletter will – hopefully :-) – help the blog build a community of users who can share their iOS music making experiences. In signing up for the weekly newsletter, you will get access to:-

  • A regular roundup of news, reviews and tutorials from the Music App Blog in a concise email format.
  • Automatic entry into all the regular music app promo code giveaways that are run on the blog.
  • Exclusive additional content created for subscribers such as tips, tutorials and commentary on a range of iOS music topics.

FREE to subscribers

As an example of the latter, subscribers can download the Music App Blog’s free 60+ page guide to the ’25 iOS music apps to get you started’ which is now in its 2nd edition. If you are just beginning your iOS music making journey, this free guide will have plenty of suggestions to expand your app collection with some of the best music apps currently available on the iTunes App Store. For more experienced iOS musicians, there might still be one or two app suggestions in the guide that you were not familiar with… or maybe, having read the guide, you can suggest some alternatives to me that I can consider for inclusion for the next update :-)  Either way, the guide is free and available for download in a PDF format once you have completed the signup process.

Signup and join in

You can signup for the newsletter here. All that’s required is your name and a valid email address. And, should you wish to, you can unsubscribe at any time. We are using AWeber for the mailing system – the leading email management system currently available – so you can be sure that your details will remain secure and private.

Looking forward to hooking up with you via email….

Thanks and best wishes,

John Walden


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    1. Luciano a says:

      Just want to sign up, receive news and have a chance to win promo codes.. Thanks guys

    2. I would like to sign up but both links to sign up takes me to a blank page at this url:

      • Hi Ed… It all seems to be working fine at this end in either Chrome or Safari. Have another go and then, if you are still stuck, get back to me via the Contact page and I’ll sort it for you. Best, john

    3. David khan says:

      I think I already subscribe but can’t wait to read PDF oh and of course win an app

    4. Con Hewitt says:

      Hi there, I would like to subscribe to the Newsletter, thanks

      • Hi Con, just click on the link in the right-hand column of the page and you will get to the subscribe page….. It just takes a few seconds…. best wishes, John

    5. just looking for the newsletter to inform me of the music apps

    6. Eve Severe says:

      I am already signed up- love the blog. I just sent in so many seperate emails to win I thought this might be easier for you. That way you don’t have to go through a ton of emails.
      So maybe this will put me in the drawing for an app.

      Thanks and happy holidays!

    7. Just recently found your blog. Loving it!! Thanks for the in-depth app reviews. It’s really helping me navigate the wide range of available music apps out there.

    8. I just love all of your detailed reviews of music related IOS APPS, this newbie is learning tons from you. I also Just wanted to make sure that I am already subscribed and entered for this and all upcoming draws. Keep up the great work!!! Cheers from Canada.

    9. Steven Corry says:

      I’ll take anything you have to offer.Would be great to win this app package.

    10. Steven H. says:

      Wasn’t able to get through email list page. I’d like to enter the contest and receive your emails.

    11. Opps…. sorry is the signup wasn’t working for a few days – hopefully fixed now :-) best wishes, John

    12. Gilles Brillon says:

      Greetings John.
      I just subscribed to your blog and thanks a million for the pdf.
      I’ve been making music since my early teens (4 decades ago) and never stopped since.
      Even if I own a fairly well equiped electronic music studio, I am a newcomer to iOS and must admit that I am very impressed with the power and subtle engineering of music apps. I currently bought iMini, iProphet, Photophore, Thesys and now Nave that I find AMAZING!. I just read your review of the VST version of Nave and was wondering if preset banks are interchangeable from one platform to the other. I tried to import the Transform by CHE.navebank through iTunes share folder, the bank is listed on the iPad but no sounds are produced. Any ideas on this? Again thank you for the pdf and looking forward to some more reading on your blog.
      Gilles P. Brillon

    13. I am already a suscriber and i want to be in te cubasis givaway. I do not miss every of Your publication it is very useful, oscar from argentina, south america.

    14. doug cots says:

      I would like to sign up and be entered in any drawings you have

    15. Andrei Coste says:

      Big fan of the site, i’ve been using my ipad as a music making device for A pretty long time. Glad to find a place where i can get all my music making info

    16. Thanks for the guide. One question. why is not mentioned the Apogee Jam guitar interface? I think it’s a great interface, don’t you think so?

      Again, thankyou so much, the guide it’s very interesting.


    17. Dogan Arsiray says:

      Could you please add my name to list? Thanks. Dogan.

    18. Hi
      Could you please my name to the list and for all giveaways?
      Thank you

    19. Jose Carlos says:

      Pls kindly add me to the list

    20. Evesevere says:

      I am already a subscriber but I would love to try to win promo codes.

    21. Thanks.

    22. K.J. Paxton says:


    23. Count me in

    24. Manfred says:

      Sign me up, Scotty äh John

    25. jim franco says:

      I Just added #200 app music and I would like to see if i have missed any.Site is great,got 30 or 40 names,apps didnt know of already. Spamming not allowed!

    26. jim franco says:

      Awaiting moderation.What is this Apps anonymous? Mind Speaking.

    27. Tim Nelson says:

      Please sign me up for the list and guide. Thanks!

    28. Tossing my hat in the ring

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