MultitrackStudio for iPad update – more new features for Giel Bremmers iOS recording app

Download from iTunes App Storemultitrackstudio logoI posted a news item a few weeks ago about a recent update to MultitrackStudio for iPad. Giel Bremmers iOS DAW/sequencer perhaps does’t get the attention it deserves but it is actually very well featured and, if you need to combine both audio and MIDI based sound sources within your recording projects, it does a solid job with a minimum of fuss.

The update – to v.2.3.1 – was, however, notable for all iOS recording fans whether they use MultitrackStudio or not; the app became the first of the current iOS DAW/sequencer apps to offer hosting support for the new Audio Unit (AU) plugin format that Apple have introduced in iOS9. And, as we also now has a few AU effects plugins and our first AU virtual instrument in Arturia’s iSEM, it is possible to get a glimpse of what AU might eventually bring in terms of workflow for the iOS musician..

MultitrackStudio now offers native support for the larger iPad Pro display.

MultitrackStudio now offers native support for the larger iPad Pro display.

Anyway, Geil has been bringing regular performance updates since the AU hosting support was launched and a further update – to v.2.5 – arrived on the App Store yesterday. This brings a number of refinements to the app but, if you have been fortunate enough to already have acquired an iPad pro, perhaps the most obvious change is native support for the new iPad pro screen resolution. What this means is sharper display and the ability to simply see more of your project on screen. Having given this a quick spin this morning it does indeed look very good on my iPad Pro test system.

The are a number of other tweaks in this version also. For example, the Guitar Amp effect now allows for 3 stomp box effects from the range available and is supplied with some useful presets. A number of the other effects have also had their performance and/or features tweaked. However, perhaps the other highlight is that, if you have the Pro Extension IAP for the app, AU effects and instrument can now be automated….  Here’s hoping that we start to see more effects/instrument apps in an AU format soon.

Picking the right recording software for your own needs is never easy. MultitrackStudio for iPad is currently priced at UK£22.99 and the Pro Extension IAP is set at UK£14.99 and, if you pick your software based upon rapid development and keeping at the cutting edge of what’s possible under iOS, then MultitrackStudio for iPad certainly ticks that particular box. Giel has regularly updated the app and, gradually, the specification has evolved into something quite impressive. If one of the ‘names’ just doesn’t gel with your own workflow or needs, then MultitrackStudio for iPad is most certainly worth a look.

MultiTrackStudio for iPad

…  and the apps now available as a AU plugins….


Zero Reverb

MicSwap Pro


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    1. Looks promising. I do think the iOS DAW winner will be the one that works on iPhone as well as iPad with the ability to seamlessly transfer projects using iCloud Drive. GarageBand iOS might get there first if its AU implementation is adequate.

      • Even with AU implementation, as long as there continues to be no automation in Garageband it will never be a real ‘winner’. It’s so good in a few ways, but lacking in so many basic things.

    2. I see your point, but I respectfully disagree. DAW work is so UI intensive, that working with it on a smaller screen seems to me like a fairly big lift.

      For many music producers it will come down to which DAW accommodates their workflow and what features they need to produce good results. Right now, MTS and Auria Pro both offer uncompromised audio & MIDI editing & processing, along with very basic features like ability to change tempo and time signature (sadly omitted from the other DAWs). To me, having all those features intact is more important than the ability to use the DAW on a phone.

      That said, the ability to use other apps like GB or others on an iPhone to record MIDI and audio, then porting those results over to a DAW for continued work is certainly valuable.

      Painting on the head of a pin ain’t my idea of fun.

      • Depends on the use case. My iPad better is than iPhone for sure, though my 15inch retina MBP is better than my iPad, and yet my 27inch iMac is better than my 15inch Retina MBP

        Yet there’s much more that can be done with iPhone than people might realize.

    3. About the attention this app may deserve… anyting to do with audio, but, change the icon and he may get more attention.

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