MultitrackStudio for iPad update – new features for Giel Bremmers iOS recording app

Download from iTunes App Storemultitrackstudio logoAs I posted back in September, MultitrackStudio for iPad by Giel Bremmers was the first iOS DAW/sequencer app to get support for hosting Apple’s new Audio Unit (AU) plugin format for iOS. And, while MultitrackStudio perhaps doesn’t have the profile of the likes of GarageBand, Auria Pro or Cubasis, it is a very solid and well-featured audio+MIDI recoding package and it was great to see Giel being so quick off the mark to support the new plugin format.

Anyway, AU – both in terms of audio effects and virtual instruments – is finally beginning to make some progress and, over the last few weeks, we have seen a steady trickle of app appearing with AU support. Apple’s new ‘AUv.3’ specification does seem to have helped developers and given some of them the confidence required to invest the time and resources required to support the format….

MultitrackStudio for iPad now supports the presets system for Audio Unit (AU) apps.

MultitrackStudio for iPad now supports the presets system for Audio Unit (AU) apps as shown here with Ruismaker.

Anyway, Geil has been bringing regular performance updates since the AU hosting support was launched and a further update – to v.2.6 – arrived on the App Store over the week-end. This brings a number of refinements to the app with some minor fixes for bugs but also a number of changes and new features.

Perhaps the most welcome new addition is that MultitrackStudio for iPad now supports the AU preset system so, if your AU plugin app offers presets, you should be able to access those via MultitrackStudio. Having given this a quick spin this morning, I had no problems with this feature and it is, of course, good to see. Also in terms of AU plugins, when you open an AU panel, if you are using a large-format iPad Pro, it now appears close to the plugin’s position in the track list rathe than at the top of the screen….  and, even better, you can now re-position it anywhere on the screen as required.

You can also reposition the AU windows once it is open.

You can also reposition the AU windows once it is open.

In other changes, the Pro Extension IAP now includes a new Auto Wah effect and, in addition, there are some new elements for editing tempo and creating gradual tempo changes. The ‘tap tempo’ feature is also more accurate apparently. If you are recording an external MIDI instrument or a virtual MIDI-based app, punch in mode now allows you to monitor the signal correctly. On the ‘fixes’ side, importing samples into the Matrix Sampler from the iTunes folder has been refined.

Picking the right recording software for your own needs is never easy. MultitrackStudio for iPad is currently priced at UK£22.99 and the Pro Extension IAP is set at UK£14.99 and, if you pick your software based upon rapid development and keeping at the cutting edge of what’s possible under iOS, then MultitrackStudio for iPad certainly ticks that particular box. Giel has regularly updated the app and, gradually, the specification has evolved into something quite impressive. If one of the ‘names’ just doesn’t gel with your own workflow or needs, then MultitrackStudio for iPad is most certainly worth a look.

MultiTrackStudio for iPad

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    1. MtS continues to impress me as the most underrated and powerful musical tools in the App Store. The fact that the developer continues to make improvements and add features has made me feel very good about this investment.

      It is still my “desert island” app.

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