Multitrack DAW update – refinements for compact iOS DAW from Harmonicdog

Download from iTunes App Storemultitrack daw logoMultitrack DAW by Harmonicdog is a popular recording choice with lots of iOS musicians. While it is an audio-only recording environment, it does offer two advantages that appeal to users.

First, Multitrack DAW is simple to use (the feature set is streamlined so you can focus on the recording process itself and not get distracted). Second, it’s a universal app that, because of its streamlined feature set (and unlike Cubasis and Auria Pro, which are only available for iPad), actually runs rather well on the smaller screen of the iPhone or iPod without feeling too cramped.

Multitrack DAW - a streamlines iOS recording environment that runs well on both iPad and iPhone.

Multitrack DAW – a streamlined iOS recording environment that runs well on both iPad and iPhone.

For the current asking price of UK£9.99/US$9.99, the app offers 8 stereo or mono audio tracks, a range of basic effects processing options such as compression, EQ, delay and reverb, support for docking port based audio interfaces, 16 or 24-bit recording at samples rates of 44.1, 48 or 96 kHz (audio hardware permitting), the ability to record multiple tracks at once (again, audio hardware permitting) and options for getting audio into and out of the app.  In addition, two different IAP options allowed you to expand the track count. Anyway, check out my original review of the app for the full details.

After a period of relative quiet, v.4.3 appeared on the App Store in mid-March and a couple of further updates have appeared since. However, things are obviously pretty active at present as v.4.3.3 arrived yesterday. This is mainly a bug fix exercise (a fix for an issue with waveform displays) but it’s great to see the attention to details and it does come on the back of a whole raft of recent tweaks, refinements and new features including better support for iOS10 and becoming Audiobus 3 ready.

Multitrack DAW has a good range of audio effects available covering all the usual needs for multitrack recording.

Multitrack DAW is about as easy as it gets for multitrack audio recording; no bells or whistles, just straightforward audio tracking. It’s great to see the features being enhanced and the performance of the app improved but without any obvious new ‘clutter’ being introduced. Perhaps the obvious next question is whether Harmonicdog will introduce support for the AU plugin format at some stage?

For those looking for a low cost iOS DAW – and particularly those wanting a platform that can run happily on an iPhone /iPod, Multitrack DAW comes highly recommended. This is not the most sophisticated iOS DAW there is available, but it does a solid job in a simple fashion and will suit many iOS recording enthusiasts down to a tee.

Multitrack DAW

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    1. I’m on the harmonicdog forum a lot and appearently there is going to be a multitrack DAW 2 with AU support at some point in the near future

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