Moog updates – AB3 tweaks all around and new features for Model 15

Download from iTunes App Storemodel 15 logoAs we might expect, iOS music app developers are busy working away on updating their apps to ensure compatibility with the freshly minted Audiobus 3. Latest off the block are Moog and Animoog, Filtatron and Model 15 have all received updates on the App Store today.

In Animoog, which was first released on the App Store in November 2011, they created one of the most authentic, analog-sounding, iOS synths to date and, with their innovative use of a virtual keyboard, paved the way for other developers to re-imagine what a touchscreen could offer when interacting with a ‘virtual’ musical instrument.

Animoog – a bit of a classic in iOS music app terms.

Filtatron takes some of the analog modelling expertise and presents it as an iOS effects app that allows you to apply some warm filtering to any suitable audio source. And, in Model 15, which I posted a full review of on first release, Moog have created another iOS classic synth my modelling a genuine hardware classic. Moog don’t do lots of iOS music apps but those they have released have certainly made an impact.

Filtatron – warm analog goodness in an app.

Anyway, the updates to both Animoog and Filtatron are fairly straightforward; they apply the latest Audiobus 3.0 SDK to both apps. Model 15 gets the same treatment but also gets full support for the new MIDI routing available within AB3. However, there are other additions also. Three new expansion packs have been added to the IAP store and ‘restore purchases’ functionality has bee added. Background audio functionality has been improved as has the internal recorder feature. The AudioCopy SDK has also been updated. Finally, there are tweaks to the MIDI spec that mean controller data are handled better.

Moog’s Model 15 – classic modular analog synth recreated in an iOS music app.

If you are a fully signed up member of the iOS synth app addicts forum, then Model 15 definitely one for the ‘most wanted’ list and Animoog is also an iOS classic worth owning. Providing you have suitable iOS hardware to run it, these are simply very tempting. In iOS terms, the US$29.99/UK£28.99 asking price for each app is at the upper end of the app pricing spectrum but I think both still easily qualify as a bargain considering what is on offer.

Animoog, Model 15 and Filtatron all running within Audiobus 3.

It is, of course, great to see all three apps get the Audiobus 3 treatment. Perhaps the big questions for fans of these apps now is whether Moog intend to grasp the Audio Units nettle? I can imagine that adapting the UI of both of these apps would be a considerable challenge given the AU ‘sub-window’ size that most AU hosts offer….

Maybe what we really need is an option for the AU window to be full-screen and with a simple ‘close’ option in one corner to return you to the host? Come on Apple….  make it happen….  I’m sure this would make it more likely that lots of favourite iOS music apps eventually make the AU leap….. Anyway, to find out more about Animoog, Model 15 or Filtatron, hit the respective download buttons to visit the App Store :-)

Animoog for iPad

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Moog Model 15

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Download from iTunes App Store

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