Mood launched – apeSoft offer a fresh slice of their characteristic madness with new iOS synth

Download from iTunes App StoreUnless you are very new to the world of iOS music apps, the odds are you already have a collection of synth apps that is more than sufficient for your needs (yep, me too). Unfortunately, for us self-confessed app addicts, developers are still keen to put temptation in front of us….  and the latest iOS synth offering is Mood from popular – if always somewhat left-of-centre – developer apeSoft.

I’ve given quite a bit of coverage to apeSoft’s iOS music app collection here on the blog over the years. Their apps are, without exception, powerful, deep, and sonically interesting. They are also not really for the faint of heart…. There is always a lot going on and some complex programming options available (preset-only users can look away now). Mood is no different….

Mood – as you might expect from apeSoft, a deep but sonically satisfying synth experience.

Anyway, the app is apeSoft’s take on a classic (cult?) bit of analog synthesis and, while the main synth engine controls are only spread out over two screens (you toggle between them using the ‘1’ and ‘2’ buttons located on the mid-left of the main screen), there are still quite a lot of them. The engine is built around three oscillators but offers a noise generator, an FM module, a powerful filter, ring modulation and a sort of ‘sequencer-meets-arpeggiator’ feature that’s actually a lot of fun. Delay and distortion options are included.

The main controls are spread over two screens in the stand-alone version.

At the technical level, we get Audiobus 3 support, IAA, Ableton Link, MIDI and (yay!) Audio Unit support from the off. For the latter, the controls are spread across a number of ‘sub-screens’ so, while there is a bit of screen switching to be done, you still get easy enough access to the full control set. Incidentally, Mood worked fine for me via AU in AUM but, on my test system at least, didn’t seem to want to show up via AU in Cubasis. If that’s an genuine issue (rather than just me missing something), then I’m sure it will get addresses in an prompt update; apeSoft tend to be pretty response when dealing with fixes.

The AU version provides access to the full control set…. as shown here within AUM, the controls are divided into a number of different sub-screens.

The app is also universal, requires iOS8.0 or later (and obviously iOS9.0 or later for AU) and is a 60MB download. The price at launch is UK£11.99/US$11.99.

The feature set includes an interesting sequencer/arp function.

At this price, and given the apeSoft reputation for ‘deep but good’, it is perhaps not one aimed at the more casual purchaser. However, if you are a fan of what apeSoft do, and you like a synth you can really get your teeth into, then this is undoubtedly going to be of interest. A full review will follow when I can dig a little deeper but, until then, check out the demo videos below and then hit the download button to find out more via the App Store.


Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. No doubt the keyboard wizards will be rejoicing. But this just made me yawn.

    2. as for me… I really like it. I find it to be a versatile synth. I have to confess I am not the super expert synth programmer… so I start most of the time from the presets and go from there and there are lot of it and they give a good impression of what is possible. I love the long evolving sounds that give pretty neat pads.

    3. I am a total synth app addict too and pretty much own them all, but the price point for this one is not tempting, especially when seeing and hearing what it offers. Glad this app finally brings my addiction to a slight halt.

    4. I buy pretty much everything that is AU, but sorry to say that I will give this one go…
      Very underwhelmed with sound sets presented.
      It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just not my cup of tea, I’m afraid…

    5. Best synth I’ve heard in a long time. Big analog gritty sound and an amazing range of well designed presets. No idea why it’s being picked-on here because over at other music sites it’s getting rave feedback.

      What struck me was the power automation record for any of the virtual synth knobs.

      I purchased right away and the presets are some of the best I’ve heard in a long time.

    6. I think people have just become overwhelmed by the choice on offer, but this is sufficiently moot-like to make it stand out from the pack. Apesoft rarely produce something not worth investing in, and this is another winner from them.

    7. that’ll be moog, you dimwit auto correct.

    8. I loved iVCS3 so much that I trust Apesoft completely with its Mood.
      Buying it now. Anyway, I like to support serious developers.
      Just wish Model 15 goes auv3 soon…

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