Modstep launched – AppBC launch their iOS MIDI sequencer for iPad

Download from iTunes App StoreModstep logo 1Regular iOS music makers will be familiar with AppBC as the developer behind the Studimux app. Like Music IO, Studiomux provides a mean of streaming both MIDI and audio data between your desktop music system and your iOS music system using nothing more than your standard iOS USB/charging cable. While this technology is still relatively new, it works pretty well once you have got your head around what’s required within your desktop DAW/sequencer to get the best out of it…  perhaps not quite ‘painless’ but certainly a very useable solution to integration of the two different systems.

AppBC have now released a new app – Modstep – this includes some of the Studiomux technology but also offers a fully-blown MIDI sequencer with both step sequencing and piano roll editing environments. You can use unlimited MIDI tracks and there is support for multiple MIDI continuous controllers on each MIDI track so you can modulate your sound sources to keep your sounds changing, etc.

Modstep from AppBC - a fully-blown MIDI sequencer for the iPad with some vey interesting features.

Modstep from AppBC – a fully-blown MIDI sequencer for the iPad with some vey interesting features.

The app includes both a built-in drum sampler and a synth but is also offers support for IAA virtual instruments and effects with an including mixing environment. Modstep could, therefore, become the hub of your MIDI composition workflow.

The app requires iOS8 or later if you want to use the audio and MIDI streaming to PC/OSX but, as a stand-alone (iOS only) app, will work with iOS5.1.1. It requires an iPad and is a 34 MB download. The launch price is UK£14.99. Anyway, the spec certainly looks interesting and, as soon as I’ve recovered from over indulging during the holiday period, then I’ll do a full review of the app :-)


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    1. I’ve been waiting to see this, didn’t think it would drop now, right after I’ve blown my app budget-LOL. Modstep is full of features, but it looks like they crammed a lot into the various app pages, based on a video I’ve seen. Looking forward to reading more about it here.

    2. According to CDM, Ableton Link and AU support is coming in the next release “very soon”…
      Excellent app regardless, love it :)

    3. Ok, I will try to do a honest review of this app :

      The good :
      The concept is really great. I used 3 IAA (bassline, animoog and boom 909) and five midi out to Abletone midi tracks (5 differents plugins). I added one audio track in Ableton to record the output of my ipad (the 3 IAA)…so far so good, I have been able to record everything on my laptop. The switch between the differents sequence is perfect and everything worked well…but…

      The bad :
      – It crashed all the time, I had to restart at least 10 times the app. Fortunately, all sequences and the mapping was correctly recovered.
      – A little latency with the audio track. I had to correct this manually (easy to do but not very pro, and problematic if you do live show…)
      – A lot of glitch, picks, noise on the recorded audio track…this is probably the most annoying problem I faced
      – I haven’t been able to route the song and record it on my ipad. You have to use an external device (laptop,etc). I really would like to be able to record every single tracks on cubasis for example

      My advice : this app is really great but not finished yet. Apparently, a new version will soon be available. The bugs and “glitches” have to be corrected, otherwise you won’t be able to use IAA correctly. I have no regrets but big expectations

    4. Make it stabile –add LINK–here wie go..$$$

    5. Stable update released including link tech yesterday :)

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